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Lazy dog Happy Hour Time, Menu & Price

Lazy dog Happy Hour Time, Menu & Price

Lazy Dog restaurant is the ultimate spot for optimum relaxation. No matter if you are looking for space to cool off from the work’s stress or to just enjoy the good food with the friends and family in a relaxed environment, then this place is very good to go.

Talking about this restaurant, you cannot miss the Lazy Dog happy hour time, because you will get foods, drinks, and bytes at greatly slashed prices during this hour. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to know the happy hour time, menu, and other related information.

Lazy dog happy hour time

Lazy Dog happy hour take place during this time, i.e., Monday to Friday from 3-6 PM whereas, Sunday to Thursday from 9 PM to midnight till the closing hour.

The restaurant offers several items on its menu at highly reduced prices during this time. Moreover, the menu selections are extensive and prices are reasonable. Overall you can expect to save up to 50% on some food items. However it is crucial to remember that depending on the location prices and duration may differ. So following is the Lazy Dog happy hour as stated on their restaurant’s official website.

Sunday9 PM – Midnight
Monday3 PM -6 PM, 9 PM – Midnight
Tuesday3 PM – 6 PM, 9 PM – Midnight
Thursday3 PM – 6 PM, 9 PM – Midnight
Friday3 PM – 6 PM

What time does Lazy Dog Happy Hour start?

There are two happy hours at this restaurant as we mentioned above. So on weekdays, the first one begins at 3:00 PM in the late afternoon or early evening. As a result happy hours begins at 3:00 PM Monday through Friday. In simple words, you may not have to spend as much money to get yourself a delicious lunch because it is an ideal option for late launch. However from Sunday through Thursday the second happy hour begins at 9:00 PM, making it an ideal dinner option for you.

What time does Lazy Dog Happy Hour end? 

On Monday through Friday happy hour lasts 3 hours and ends at 6:00 PM, this duration is specified for the afternoon happy hour. However the second duration ends at midnight when the restaurant closes for the day. And you are aware that it only runs from Sunday to Thursday.

Does Lazy Dog have a late night happy hour?

Yes! As mentioned-above this restaurant does offer late night happy hour. It is evident that the restaurant intentionally has decided this hour at a late evening so people can enjoy thoroughly even after late night work. But remember it is held from Sunday through Thursday from 9:00 PM to midnight. Also take a note that there is no happy hour at Lazy Dog on Saturdays. However you can still order from the regular menu.

Lazy dog happy hour late night

  • Monday – Friday 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Sunday – Thursday 9:00 PM to Midnight

If you’re interested in this late night happy hour, you may want to inquire with the store about it. The late-night happy hour may not be offered by restaurants in certain states where alcohol sales are prohibited after 9 p.m. 

It is also the case that stores close at 12 at midnight. Moreover, happy hour menus may not be offered in outlets that remain open past midnight due to alcohol laws. Do you have any idea about Steak and Shake Happy Hours?

Lazy Dog Happy Hour Menu

Lazy dog Happy Hour Time

Lazy Dog happy hour menu includes and assortment of appetizers and drinks at a reasonable price that you can enjoy fully while soaking up the cool breeze or feeling the warmth of the atmosphere. Although the menu price on food items varies with each locations but still there are always healthy and delicious options to choose from.

Among the menu items are mac and cheese, fried calamari, hatch chile and bacon, ahi tuna, avocado, and crispy wonton chips. Cocktails, draft beers, wines, and many other drinks are available on the menu in various sizes and flavors. 

The best part about all of these is that they are all reasonably priced. Everything on the Lazy Dog happy hour menu is between $3 and $8. How amazing is that? The following is a list of food items and their prices. Overall you can have a fulfilling meal that does not only satisfy your hungry stomach but also ensure your wallet does not get emptied.

Lazy Dog Menu and Prices

FoodHappy Hour Prices
Cajun Fries  $4.00
Waffle-Cut Parmesan Chips  $3.00
Loaded Potato Hush Puppies  $5.00
Bacon Candy  $5.00
Brussels sprouts  $6.00
Buffalo Chicken Nuggets  $6.00
  Togarashi Edamame Beans  $6.00
Chicken Lettuce Wraps$7.00  
Dirty Dog  $6.00
  Buffalo Wings  $8.00  
Sweet Potato Tots  $4.00  
Mini Corn Dogs  $5.00  
Onion Rings$5.00  
Crispy Deviled Eggs  $6.00  
Queso Dip  $9.00  
All-American Burger  $8.00  
Wok-Fried Calamari  $9.00  


DrinksHappy Hour Prices
Ankle Buster Blonde  $7.25  
Sun Spanked Red  $7.95  
Huckleberry Haze IPA  $8.25  
Liquid Blanket  $7.95  
Sangria (varieties)  $7.00  
Whoa, Nellie Lager  $7.95  
  Old Pal White Ale  $8.25  
Bonita Bonita  $8.25  
  Martini (varieties)  $7 – $8  
  Margarita (varieties)  $5 – $7  
Cowboy Up  $4.00  
House Beer  $7.00  



Lazy Dog friends and family meal deals

The Lazy Dog offers meal packages that serve four to five people. Prices vary based on their offerings, which include:

$25 meals:

  • Club Sandwich with Caesar Salad
  • Fettuccine Alfredo with Caesar Salad

$35 meals:

  • Grilled BBQ Chicken Meal
  • Grilled Lemon Chicken Meal
  • Teriyaki Tofu Meal
  • Teriyaki Chicken Meal
  • Kung Pao Chicken Meal

$40 meals:

  • Fried Chicken Dinner Meal

$50 meals:

  • BBQ Bison Meatloaf Meal

Lazy Dog Beer Club

The Beer Club at Lazy Dog is open to customers. Lazy Dog gives new members $35 to spend at the restaurant. There are a number of perks members receive as part of membership, including:

  • An initial kit contains eight 16-ounce beers and a glass.
  • An 8-16oz kit with a quarterly theme, a complimentary beer glass is included with 4 brewery collaborations.
  • A monthly sampler of beers
  • Upgraded 16-ounce draft beer to 22-ounce draft beer
  • You can get 10% off your online takeout order if you order online
  • When dining in, you will have priority seating
  • Exclusive access to merchandise, beer, and events

How to find the Lazy Dog restaurant near me?

  • First, navigate to the Lazy Dog’s official locator (
  • Next, enter the address, city, or zip code and tap on the search button 
  • After this, you will receive a complete list of Lazy Dog’s outlets near you 
  • Tap on the specific restaurant near your address 
  • Now you can be able to get the entire information about the restaurant like its menu, its opening and closing hours.

What is the process for ordering from Lazy Dog online?

Go to and choose your location, do your food selection, and place your order. They also offer no-contact delivery and takeout.

You can place an order for food from Lazy Dog by visiting the official website given above. The quality of food and service at this restaurant makes it a popular place to dine.

In addition, you can order Lazy Dog food online via some of the top food delivery services such as UberEats. 

Here is the step-by-step procedure:

  1. Open the official website of any of the food delivery platforms (for instance, UberEats) and start placing orders online.
  2. Next, include the location of the nearest Lazy Dog outlet.
  3. A full menu will be presented when the location is added.
  4. From the Lazy Dog menu, choose your favorite food item or drinks and add it to your cart.
  5. Further, you can then proceed to the checkout page to place your order.
  6. Once you click on checkout, you will be directed to fill out the personal information and you are done!


Q1 – What time is Lazy Dog happy hour?

Ans – From Monday to Friday, Lazy Dog happy hour runs from 3 PM to 6 PM. And from Sunday through Thursday, they offer late night happy hours from 9 PM until closing.

Q2 – Is there a Lazy Dog’s location in every state in the United States?

Ans – In the United States, there are 26 Lazy Dog locations. There is a strong chance that you will receive one within the next few months if you live in California, Texas, Colorado, or Nevada.

Q3 – Is happy hour the same at all Lazy Dog locations?

Ans – Lazy Dog locations do not have the exact happy hour time. Depending on the location, the time varies.

Wrapping up!

We hope that this article has provided you with all the information you need about Lazy Dog happy hour time. So what are you waiting for? Go take advantage of Lazy Dog’s happy hour and enjoy a delicious meal!