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Steak and Shake Happy Hours, Menu and Prices

Steak and Shake Happy Hours, Menu and Prices

One of the fantastic ways you can save during the week while eating out with family and kids is by taking advantage of Steak and Shake happy hour because it includes some special menus that are too good to give up.

There is an extensive selection of steaks and burgers on their menu, and this is one of the major reasons why the restaurant is popular. Moreover, you can also find an impressive selection of milkshakes and drinks with multiple flavors to choose from.

So take a look at the tables below and find out Steak ‘N Shake happy hour menu and prices.

Steak and Shake Happy Hour

The Steak and Shake happy hours begin at 2:00 PM and run until 5:00 PM every day on the weekdays. So it is clear that from Monday through Friday, the restaurant offers its happy hour menu exclusively but not on the weekends.

But remember that Steak and Shake happy hour last just 3 hours. So make sure you can reach there during happy hour to enjoy all the amazing shakes and drinks at reduced prices.

Also, if you are fortunate enough, you can also get a Steak and Shake coupon but only for a limited time. So overall we highly recommend you visit this place.

WeekdaysSteak ‘N Shake happy hours
Monday2 PM – 5 PM  
Tuesday2 PM – 5 PM
Wednesday2 PM – 5 PM  
Thursday2 PM – 5 PM  
Friday2 PM – 5 PM

Steak and Shake Menu and Prices

Steak and Shake Happy Hours, Menu and Prices

You can get half-priced shakes and drinks on weekdays from 2 to 5 PM. at Steak and Shake happy hours without even needing of coupon. This is an excellent way to celebrate a family night out without having to cook or simultaneously without blowing your budget.

Kona Grill Happy Hours is also quite famous as an alternative to Steak n Shake.

Steak N Shake Happy Hour Milkshakes

There is a half-price discount on Steak and Shake milkshakes during happy hour. So having some milkshakes every now and then at Steak and Shake has become a ritual in my family just to feel a sense of relief after a long day. Below is a closer comparison of the fixed price of milkshakes with the happy hour price

Types of MilkshakesFixed priceHappy hour price
Classic milkshakes$2.99$1.50
Side By Side milkshakes$3.89$1.95
Specialty milkshakes$3.89$1.95
Fresh banana milkshakes$3.89$1.95

Steak ‘N Shake Happy Hour Specials

If you are looking forward to a good food deal, we have provided all the details below about all of the Steak and Shake happy hour specials.

Happy hour specials include happy hour meal deals for 4 for $4, mix-and-match happy hour deals for 2 for $3, and even happy hour drink deals for those looking for more drinks on the cheap.

Steak and Shake 2 for $3 deal

Steak and Shake also offers a popular 2 for 3 mix and match deal which you just can’t miss out on. This meal lets you pick and choose two items from the below list for just $3. You can also check out the entire menu from the official Steak ‘N Shake website

  • All American Steakburger
  • Small Thin n Crispy Fries
  • Smokey BBQ
  • Steak Frank
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Swiss’n mushroom
  • Spicy chipotle
  • Buffalo Ranch Steakburger

Steak and Shake 4 for $4 Deal

Among the most popular Steak and Shake deals are the 4 for $4 offer. As part of this deal, you will receive a chicken finger or a burger with fries, another side, and a cookie, plus one additional side of your choice.

  • Original Double ‘n Cheese Steakburger + Fries + Additional Side + Cookie
  • Triple Steakburger + Fries + Additional Side + Cookie
  • Bacon ‘n Cheese Single Steakburger + Fries + Additional Side + Cookie
  • Chicken Fingers + Fries + Additional Side + Cookie

Having selected one of the four sides from above, you’ll be able to choose from one of the following list:

  • Applesauce
  • Cup of Soup
  • Cup of Chili
  • Thin ‘n Crispy Fries
  • Creamy Coleslaw
  • Baked Beans

Steak N Shake Happy Hour Drink Menu

Have you worked up an appetite with one of the amazing deals from the above list and now would like to score a sweet deal on drinks? Excellent! Now let’s take a look at the normal price and the happy hour price of Steak and Shake happy hour drinks.

Drink typesNormal priceHappy hour price
Soft drinks and iced teas$1.79 or $1.99$0.90 to $1
Orange Juice$1.79$0.90
Cherry Limeades$1.49 – $2.00$0.75 to $1
Red Bull$1.99$1
Coffee / Hot Chocolate / Tea$1.49 / $1.39 / $1.49$0.75 / $0.70 / $0.75
Milk and Chocolate Milk$1.59$0.80
Bottled Water$1.79$0.90

What time is Steak and Shake happy hour begin?

The Steak’ N Shake happy hour is available on weekdays between 2 to 5 PM. Having Steak and Shake happy hour available at that specific time is one of its best things because previously, these happy hours ended at 4:00 PM.

Now that it has extended to 2 to 5 PM, it offers great timing for planning the weekly trips to Steak and Shake throughout the week without any hassle.

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Are Steak and Shake happy hour on weekends?

Sadly no, the Steak’ N Shake happy hour is not available on weekends. However, we’re glad to inform you that there is still a pretty fantastic deal available and offered by the restaurant on weekends. In other words, every week and you can enjoy a free kid’s meal at Steak and Shake when you spend $9 on a dine-in menu item. 

It’s always a treat for the entire family to go to Steak and Shake for milkshakes. In the near future, everybody would love to see Steak and Shake include Happy Hour on weekends but as of now, there or no plans.

How to find Steak and Shake near me?

Want to find the Steak and Shake near you by using a simple search? Yes, you can, by using the store locator.

  • First, begin by searching Steak and Shake near me on Google using your mobile. As a result, you will see a lot of search results on the page.
  • All you have to do is visit to find the Steak and Shake nearest you.
  • Additionally, the page also offers you information about the store’s working hours.
  • Moreover, they also offer the option of delivering food to your home.

Perks of Steak & Shake Happy Hour 

Place your food order online: This is a quick and easy way to save some of your time. This is an excellent idea during the holiday times when it is predicted that the restaurant will be packed.

Become a Steak and Shake rewards member: You won’t regret joining and being a member of a Steak and Shake rewards; you will get some great freebies when you sign up. It is absolutely free!

Install the Steak and Shake application: You can have everything in one place when you install the Steak and Shake app. With this application, your reward points can be tracked online, or you can order food online with just one click. Additionally, you will be the first one to find out when they have a Steak and Shake coupon, promo code, or any deal available.

How to redeem a Steak and Shake coupon code?

You can use Steak’ N Shake coupon codes to purchase sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, and other merch at

  • Proceed to checkout by clicking the cart when you’re done shopping.
  • If you don’t already have an account, you will be asked for your name and address.
  • When you reach the checkout page with a coupon box, you can review your order total.
  • Your coupon code should be entered in the empty field next to the statement “Discount code.”
  • Your purchase will be completed once you enter your code. A confirmation email will be sent to you following the order.


Q1 – What about Steak and Shake kids eat free?

Ans – Kids Eat Free at Steak and Shake every Saturday and Sunday, and this offer is only available during the weekend.

Q2 – Are there any secret menus at Steak and Shake? 

Ans – To some extent, there is a Steak ‘n Shake secret menu. You won’t find some of these items on the standard menu; even die-hard customers don’t know about them.

Q3 – Does Steak ‘N Shake offer free fries?

Ans – You simply need to go through the drive-thru, ask for free fries, and enjoy your snack for free.

Wrapping Up – Steak and Shake Happy Hours, Menu and Prices

Snacking during the day or any hour is a favorite pastime for most people. With Steak and Shake Happy Hour, you can always satisfy your cravings. There is something for everyone at this restaurant, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Visit the store during their happy hour if you want to take advantage of these savings. We hope you found this piece of information helpful!