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Are you a fast food fanatic? Life is undeniably better with french fries and hamburgers. Jack in the Box is one of the best fast food chains in the town with outlets in over 2,200 locations across the globe. We will not share the fact file as you are here for Jack in the Box breakfast hours. As long as we are on the same page, let’s quickly catch a glimpse of Jack in the Box updated breakfast hours and breakfast menu with prices. Here you go.

What time does Jack in the Box start serving breakfast?

We are literally walking on air to inform you that Jack in the Box serves breakfast all day long. Yes, you heard it right. You can bask in the flavors 24*7 at Jack in the Box. But God forbid, if you are in a paltry place where the fast food outlet has different operating hours then do check with it before stopping by. Without any further ado, let’s have a look at its breakfast hours below.

Days Jack in the Box Breakfast Hours
Monday All Day Long
Tuesday All Day Long
Wednesday All Day Long
Thursday All Day Long
Friday All Day Long
Saturday All Day Long
Sunday All Day Long

What time does Jack in the Box stop serving breakfast?

You don’t have to worry about Jack in the Box breakfast hours closing time. Why? Well, because it never stops rolling out the breakfast bowls. So, you can stop by at 5 PM and order your morning meal. Jack in the Box is indeed a godsend to the people enjoying a slow life. You can wake up whenever you want and drive to this fast food restaurant. From Monday to Sunday, Jack in the Box is at your service!

What’s on the Jack in the Box Breakfast Menu 2022?

Whether you want to order online or have a walk-in meal, there is a multitude of alternatives to choose from. Jack in the Box serves Jumbo breakfast platter, croissants, burritos and sandwiches; each one has a gamut of variants. Let’s check out Jack in the Box Breakfast Menu and Prices (2022).

jack in the box breakfast



  • Stacked Croissant
  • Supreme Croissant
  • Sausage Croissant
  • Sausage(/Bacon), Egg & Cheese biscuit


  • Loaded Breakfast Sandwich
  • Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich
  • Extreme Sausage Sandwich
  • Grilled Sourdough Sandwich


  • Meat Lovers Burrito
  • Jumbo breakfast platter
  • Mini Pancakes
  • Grande sausage burrito


Does the Jumbo breakfast platter ring a bell? Well, it is one of the most popular and go-to breakfast bowls at Jack in the Box. The platter consists of eight pancakes, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and three slices of bacon or grilled sausage. So, you may take notes and not pull back from ordering the Jumbo breakfast platter at Jack in the Box. The platter is pocket-friendly as it costs $3.49 and 8 pieces of pancakes cost $1.



In this blog, we walked you through the breakfast hours and menu of one of the most talked-about fast food chains in the US. Headquartered in California, Jack in the Box has been going great guns over the years. From its fictional CEO to its 24 hrs breakfast servings, Jack in the Box is a one-stop solution for your fast food cravings throughout the day. We have always admired curious minds. If you have any more questions, scroll down and have a look at the frequently asked ones.



How Do I Locate The Nearest Jack In The Box Outlet?

Jack in the Box Locations | All Day Breakfast, Burgers & Chicken Near You
You don’t have to step out and search for the nearest Jack in the Box outlet. How will you fill your stomach then? Take it easy, just enter the zip code/city name in the above link. Ta-da! You will get all the relevant information like breakfast hours, directions and distance.

Does Jack in the Box still have French toast sticks?

Yes, the much-awaited and fan-favorite French toast sticks return to the breakfast menu after 10 years. Now, you can dip the French toast sticks in the sauce as part of the Jumbo platter.

What is a breakfast Jack?

Breakfast Jack consists of a fried egg, a slice of ham, and a bun with the delicious American sauce on it. The Breakfast Jack packs 350 calories and 16g of proteins in this simple yet delightful combo.

Does Jack in the Box use real eggs?

Jack in the Box wouldn’t have thrived and risen to popularity without the use of real eggs. Every egg on your platter and in the kitchen is USDA grade AA medium egg.

Does Jack in the Box have biscuits and gravy?

Yes, Jack in the Box serves buttermilk biscuits with a layer of scrumptious and savory gravy. Furthermore, the buttermilk biscuits are made-from-scratch. Our mouths are already watering!

What is Jack in the Box ‘good good sauce’?

The ‘Good good’ sauce is a better version of the regular sauce. This sauce has a sweet and savory lilt to it. Together with the chicken filets, the ‘good good’ sauce leaves an unforgettable impression on your taste buds.