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Filiberto’s Breakfast Hours, Menu, Cost, Burrito, Daily Special [Updated 2022]

Filiberto’s Breakfast Hours, Menu, Cost, Burrito, Daily Special [Updated 2022]

Get a taste of highly delicious Mexican cuisine at Filiberto. The extensive menu of Filiberto reflects the flavorful and highest quality dishes with classic Arizona favorites that will definitely excite you!

I know you have got a lot of queries regarding Filiberto’s breakfast menu, Filiberto’s daily specials, and Menu prices, and Does Filiberto’s serve breakfast all day? And many other questions. In this post, I had covered all the related coverings about Filiberto’s Breakfast hours and operations. Take a deep breath, you get all your answers right here.

Filiberto is a well-known Mexican takeout restaurant, serving its customers healthy and tasty breakfast offerings. If you’re in the mood for Spanish omelets, Steak Ranchero, Fajitas Chicken, or any of your favorite authentic cuisines, Filiberto covers it all.

Filiberto’s Breakfast Hours

Unlike other restaurants that have a limited timeframe for serving breakfast, you’ll find most of Filiberto’s locations serve breakfast all day.

Filiberto’s breakfast items are available at any time of the day. You don’t need to be in a hurry to get any of your favorite Filiberto’s breakfast items.

Let’s discuss in detail Filiberto’s breakfast hours, Filiberto’s holiday hours, and more!

The general Filiberto’s Breakfast hours are listed below:

Day Breakfast served
Monday all day served
Tuesday all day served
Wednesday all day served
Thursday all day served
Friday all day served
Saturday all day served
Sunday all day served


Does Filiberto’s serve breakfast all day?

Filiberto’s serves a breakfast menu to their guests throughout the day. It operates 24/7.

You can enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine at any time. Just be sure about your nearest Filiberto’s operating hours.

They offer you a truly delightful offering that can make your morning magical.

Filiberto’s Breakfast Menu and Price

Filiberto offers a wide variety of breakfast delights that will make your day.

Visit your nearest Filiberto to get a refreshing meal. It’s home to iconic dishes featuring the iconic Fajita burritos, Machaca breakfast platter, Country breakfast burritos, and others.

In addition to this, Filiberto’s breakfast hours are amazing. They serve breakfast items 24 hours a day.

Let’s have a look at Filiberto’s breakfast menu and prices:

filibertos burrito - breakfast hours

Filiberto’s Breakfast menu

Breakfast platters Huevos Rancheros $7.56
  Spanish Omelets $8.58
  Steak Ranchero $10.41
  Chorizo plate $9.49
  Machaca breakfast platter $10.41
Combination Platter Burrito and taco combination $9.45
  Pollo Asada combination platter $9.55
  Fajitas chicken or steak combination $11.85
  Two Enchiladas combination platter $8.76
  Two beef tacos combination $9.45
  Two Chiles Rellinos $9.55
  Two Carne Asada tacos $11.85
  Carnitas plate $9.89
  Carne Asada fries $9.55
  Super Nachos $10.99
  Menudo $9.45
  Burrito and Enchilada $9.45
  Tamales Combo plate with rice or beans $6.99
  Two fish tacos $9.06
  Chimichanga Breakfast platter $9.89
Breakfast Burritos Ham breakfast burrito $6.41
  Chorizo breakfast burrito $6.41
  Steak and egg breakfast burrito $7.86
  Bean and cheese burrito $4.94
  Fish burrito $8.14
  Adovada burrito $8.14
  Green chili burrito $8.14
  Arizona burrito $9.68
  Cabeza burrito $9.00
  Patron Burrito $11.60


Filiberto’s Daily Specials

Monday 3 rolled tacos with cheese $1.89
Tuesday Beef taco $1.89
  Chicken taco $1.89
Wednesday Bean burrito $1.89
Thursday Bean Tostada $1.89
Friday Jr. Quesadilla $1.89


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in a breakfast burrito from Filiberto’s?

Filiberto’s breakfast burrito includes scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes, country ham, and more.

What is in Filiberto’s bacon burrito?

Filiberto’s bacon burrito contains carne asada, pico de gallo, ham, bacon, and Monterey jack cheese.

How many calories are in Filiberto’s bacon burrito?

One burrito of Filiberto’s Country Burrito contains 684 calories.

How many calories are in Filiberto’s breakfast burrito?

684.9 calories are in Filiberto’s breakfast burrito.

Who owns Filiberto’s Mexican food?

Currently, Juan Tenorio Jr. owns Filiberto’s Mexican Food.

Does Filiberto use lard?

Filiberto’s beans are lard-free. It has been found that this stick-to-your-ribs was an invention of their team with both vegetarianism and heavy drinking.

What are the items included in Filiberto’s daily specials?

Filiberto’s daily specials include items like rolled tacos with cheese, beef tacos, chicken tacos, bean tostadas, and more.

What food is offered at Filiberto’s Mexican Food and Bar (8110 E McDowell Rd)?

Filiberto’s specializes in serving Mexican food.

Does Filiberto’s restaurant offer delivery services?

Yes, Filiberto’s offers delivery services to their customers on Grub hub.

How many Filiberto locations are there in Arizona?

There are almost 86 outlets of Filiberto’s in Arizona, 4 in Mexico, and 3 in California.

Who is the founder of Filiberto?

The first Filiberto was opened by Flavio, Aurelio, Francisco, and Tenorio in the year 1986 in San Diego.

Final thought

In this post, I have tried my best to answer all your questions regarding Filiberto’s breakfast hours. I hope you might benefit from the information mentioned above.

Filiberto is one of the best restaurants that cater to families by providing a family-friendly dining experience. You get a variety of delicacies on their menu. So, you must visit your nearest Filiberto’s today and have a wonderful dining experience.

If you’re having any doubts related to Filiberto’s breakfast hours, spot the comment below. We’re glad to be of service. Thank you!