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El Rey – King of Cuban & Mexican cuisine, Time, Menu, Breakfast Hours, Cost

El Rey – King of Cuban & Mexican cuisine, Time, Menu, Breakfast Hours, Cost

Craving Cuban tacos? Enjoy tasty vegan options during both breakfast and lunch buffet hours at El Rey. The entire El Rey team looks forward to offering its special brunch menu to you!

El Rey, one of the fabled restaurants inspired by fine Cuban and Mexican cuisine, offers a wide range of dining options. They use ingredients of the finest quality to prepare fresh and authentic meals for their diners. Their mouth-watering buffet menu includes mind-blowing Horchata, classic chicken tortilla soup, crispy bacon, Cantaloupe juice, fresh tortillas and beans, Ranchero egg plate, Tres leches, and many more.

So, if you’re looking for a cracking healthy breakfast, El Rey is the best choice.

El Rey Operational Hours

Start your day with magically delicious food at El Rey! It now operates 7 days a week. Breakfast is served daily from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday to Friday, and on weekends, the breakfast hours are extended till 12 p.m. However, these timings may vary depending upon their locations and other factors.

The morning monsters can get a complete breakfast with lots of protein and kickstart their morning with a new flavor at El Rey!

Breakfast timings

el rey breakfast

Days Start Hour Stop Hour
Monday 7 AM 11 AM
Tuesday 7 AM 11 AM
Wednesday 7 AM 11 AM
Thursday 7 AM 11 AM
Friday 7 AM 11 AM
Saturday 7 AM 12 PM
Sunday 7 AM 12 PM

El Rey Brunch Menu and their prices

There’s a guaranteed great, delicious, and crispy buffet here! El Rey has a lot of hasty and tasty
meals on their menu to refresh your morning as well as your health.

Items Prices
Sangria $20.00
Classic Margarita $22.00
Guacamole $13.00
Chips and salsa $6.00
Nachos $15.00
Huevos Rancheros $11.00
Breakfast torta $12.00
Breakfasty burrito $13.00
Breakfast taco $10.00
Avocado toast $14.00
Mexican chopped salad $10.00
Tres Leches French toast $10.00
Pancakes $9.00
Chicken Chilaquiles $14.00
Steak and tortilla chips $16.00
Chicken Enchiladas $15.00
Shortrib $16.00
Eggplant $13.00
Chicken Tacos $11.00
Carnitas tacos $11.00
Morita salsa steak $14.00
Fish diyabla mayo $13.00
Veggie $10.00
Fried plantains $6.00
Esquites $6.00
Bacon $6.00
Street corn $6.00
Chipotle chocolate brownie $8.00
Churros $8.00

Does El Rey offer delivery services to their customers?

El Rey’s Cuban and Mexican cuisine provides delivery services. They take online orders from their customers on Grubhub. So, the hungry can get their food delivered on-time and at an affordable price. Enjoy the goodness of nutrients with your favourite breakfast specials and plates at El Rey.