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Bread Co Breakfast Hours, Menu, Cost, Weekend Timing

Bread Co Breakfast Hours, Menu, Cost, Weekend Timing

Hey! Are you looking for the best breakfast brunch to start your day?

Choose a great breakfast plate at Bread Co, which is an online brand having breakfast cereals, energy balls, trail mixes, and more. Now, you must be wondering about its breakfast hours.

What are the items on their menu? What makes Bread Co extraordinary?

Very soon, you’ll get all your queries resolved regarding Bread Co Breakfast hours, and everything else. Go through the below information about Bread Co. Breakfast.

Bread Co. was started by Aastha Anand in the year 2018. The Bread Co. is basically a brand that does breakfast cereals, superfood-laden cookies, energy balls, and many more items that will gaze you up. Initially, the brand started by baking organic and preservative- free bread.

Later, they expanded their business into a snack business category.

What are the Breakfast hours followed by Bread Co.?

The operating hours may differ as per the location and other factors. Mostly, it starts serving its Breakfast at 8 am till 3 pm through Monday to Friday. After that, it was followed by its dinner menus.

Breakfast is not offered on Saturday and Sunday. And dinner is also not served on Monday.

Key points

Breakfast & Lunch hours Monday- Friday @ 8am to 3pm
( No service on Saturday)
Dinner hours Tuesday- Saturday 3pm to 9 pm
( No service on Monday)

Breakfast Menu

The Bread Co. is really fantastic. The menu offered by them is luscious. If you’ve ever been near any of its restaurants, must try their delectable items which are listed below:

Bread Co breakfast

CURRY Chicken Kastu curry
DONBURI Chicken Teriyaki & Beef Gyudon
HAMBURGER Menchi Katsu Chicken Katsu Pork Katsu
SOBA OR UDON Chicken Tempura Shrimp Tempura
RAMEN Tonkotsu Curry

Other delicious items that you get here:

  • Superfood laden cookies
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Energy balls
  • Trail mixes
  • Cocoa Brownie Almond Millet cookies
  • Very berry Quinoa Oatmeal Cookies

What makes Bread co. extraordinary?

All the products at Bread Co. are prepared using natural ingredients. Unlike other bakeries, they don’t use chemicals or refined sugars while baking the bread items. They use organic & preservative-free bread. Moreover, their quirky packaging is awesome. These reasons make Bread Co. extraordinary and make them stand out in a competitive market.

Final thoughts

Enjoy the lavish items as an energy snack at Bread Co. Over the last few years, the brand has shifted to baking healthier and tasty bread as India’s population is now becoming more health-conscious.

So, if you’re curious to have some different tastes in bread, take a look at Bread Co.