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Zorbas Breakfast Menu, Kids, Lunch and Dinner Menu with Price 2022

Zorbas Breakfast Menu, Kids, Lunch and Dinner Menu with Price 2022

At the renowned Zorbas restaurant, you can eat Greek, American, or Bahamian food. In the Port Lucaya market, they have space for up to 180 guests for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is a well-liked restaurant that serves classic Greek food as well as delicacies from the United States and the Bahamas.

In this Blog, we will go through all the menus like Breakfast Menu, Kids menu, and Lunch and Dinner Menu offered by Zorbas. So Let’s Get Started!

Note – Check Zorbas Breakfast Hours here

Zorbas Breakfast Menu

Eggs And Omelettes
Items Price
Two Eggs $7.00
Turkey & Swiss Omelet $11.00
Mushroom & Swiss Omelet $9.50
Cheese Omelet $9
Super Zorba’s Platter $12.50
Western Omelet $9.50
Veggie Omelet $11
Jalapeño omelet $10
Avocado & Cheese Omelet $10
Ham & Cheese Omelet $10.75
Greek Omelet $11
Spinach & Feta Omelet $11
Italian Omelet $11.50
Alpine Omelet $11
Athenian Omelet $11
Gyro Omelet $11
Southern Omelet


Hungry man’s omelet $13.75
                                                     Breakfast Sandwiches
Classic $6
Hellenic $6.50
Green Eggs & Ham $6.50
Health Nut $6
south of the border $7.50
Montezuma $6
Italiano $6.50
Santa monica $7

Zorbas Kids Menu

Items Price
Souvlaki $7
Chicken Fingers $7
Quesadilla $7
Grilled Cheese $7

Zorbas Lunch and Dinner Menu

Zorbas Samplers
Items Price
Finger Food(serves 2)

6 buffalo wings, 2 chicken fingers, 6 mozzarella sticks

Seafood Platter(serves 2)

6 fried shrimp, calamari, fillet of flounder

Zorba’s Platter

1 pork souvlaki stick, 1 chicken souvlaki stick, gyro & donner meat,

4 pitas & tzatziki sauce

Spreads Greek Style

tzatziki, tirokafteri, melitzanosalata, served with 4 pitas

Mixed Grill Platter(serves 4-6)


4 lamb chops, loukaniko (greek sausage), grilled chicken breast, 4 souvlakia (pork & chicken), gyro (beef & lamb), served with french fries, tzatziki and pita bread


roast pork, ham, swiss, pickles & mustard

Plain $10.00

Deluxe $13

Chicken Pesto

chopped onions, peppers, pesto & mozzarella

Plain $10.50

Deluxe $13.50



turkey, avocado, lettuce, roasted peppers, cheddar

Plain $10.50

Deluxe $13.50


gyro, cooked onions & peppers, mozzarella, with french fries & tzatziki sauce

Plain $9

Deluxe $12

Middle Eastern

hummus, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers & feta

Plain $9

Deluxe $12

Doctor’s Orders

grilled chicken, swiss, lettuce & tomato

Plain $09.50

Deluxe $12.50

Monte Cristo

turkey, ham, swiss, lettuce, tomato, mayo

Plain $9.50

Deluxe $12.50

Chicken Parmesan

chicken cutlet, mozzarella, marinara sauce

Plain $9

Deluxe $12

Popeye’s Punch

grilled chicken, sautéed spinach, mozzarella, marinara sauce

Plain $10.00

Deluxe $13


grilled chicken, roasted peppers, avocado, lettuce, tomato & ranch

Plain $10.00

Deluxe $13



tuna salad with avocado, lettuce & tomato

Plain $9.00

Deluxe $12

Chicken Finger

chicken tender strips with lettuce, tomato & honey mustard

Plain $9

Deluxe $12

Chicken Caesar

grilled chicken, romaine, croutons with creamy caesar

Plain $9

Deluxe $12


diced peppers, onions, cucumbers, tomato, feta cheese & lettuce,

with house olive oil-vinegar dressing

Plain $9

Deluxe $12

chicken fajita wrap

grilled chicken, cheddar, cooked onions, peppers & salsa

Plain $10.00

Deluxe $13

Speciality Sandwiches

on rye bread or roll with mustard

Plain $10.00

Deluxe $13


Fried Fillet of Flounder

lettuce, tomato & tartar sauce

Plain $08

Deluxe $11

Grilled Chicken

lettuce, tomato & mayo

Plain $8.25

Deluxe $11.25

Grilled Chicken Club

bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo

served with french fries

Deluxe $13
Turkey Club

bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo

served with french fries

Deluxe $13
Tuna Salad Club

bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo

served with french fries

Deluxe $13
6oz Charcoal Burgers
Hamburger Plain $6

Deluxe $9.50


Cheeseburger Plain $7

Deluxe $10.50

Greek Burger

with feta cheese on pita bread

Plain $7

Deluxe $11

California Burger

avocado, cheddar, jalapeños & salsa

Plain $9

Deluxe $12.50

western burger

bacon, jalapeños, cheddar,

onion rings & bbq sauce

Plain $10.00

Deluxe $13.50

Zorba Burger

bacon, cheddar, sautéed onions & mushrooms

Plain $9.50

Deluxe $13

Star Burger

two burgers on one bun

with bacon & cheese

Plain $13

Deluxe $16.50

Greek Specialties
Spinach Pie or Cheese Pie $5.50
Greek Pizza

spinach, feta, tomato on pita topped with

melted mozzarella with french fries

Tzatziki $7.00
Melitzanosalata(eggplant dip) $7.00
Hummus $7.00
Tirokafteri(spicy feta dip) $7.00

layers of eggplant, potato, zucchini,

ground beef with bèchamel sauce





lettuce, tomato, cucumber,

onions, peppers

Plain $7.0

Deluxe $10.5


lettuce, tomato, cucumber,

onions, peppers, feta cheese,

olives & pita

Plain $8.0

Deluxe $11.50


romaine lettuce, croutons,

tossed in caesar dressing

Plain $7

Deluxe $10.5


grilled chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato,

cucumber, bacon, sliced egg & blue cheese


Deluxe $16
Ranchero salad

chopped tomato, beans, jalapeños,

red onions, cucumbers, peppers and



Plain $9

Deluxe $12


chickpeas, chopped tomato, cucumber,

red onions, peppers and feta cheese

Deluxe $13
Domestic $5.00
Imported $6.00

Zorbas Desserts Menu

Item Price
Baklava $6.00
Galaktoboureko $6.00
Chocolate Cake $6.00
Rice Pudding $4.00
Carrot Cake $6.00
CheeseCake $6.00

FAQs Related to Zorbas

Is Parking Available at Zorbas?

At almost every location, Parking is provided by Zorbas for all its customers.

What is Zorbas Website?

The zorbas website is

At what time does Zorbas stop serving breakfast?

At Zorbas, the breakfast menu is available till 01:00 PM, so you can have your breakfast without any hurry.

How many calories does Kotipizza have, served at Zorbas?

1 Kotipizza served at Zorbas, has around 983 calories,86gm of Carbohydrates and 49g of fat.

Which is the healthiest food item at Zorbas?

Homous is the healthiest food option available on the Zorbas menu. It has 60 Calories, 4gm of Fat for every 30gms, and 2 tbsp of Homous.

Does Zorbas has Kids menu?

Yes, Zorbas offers a special menu for kids which comprises Souvlaki, Chicken Fingers, Quesadilla and Grilled Cheese.