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White Castle Breakfast Hours, Menu, and Price list

White Castle Breakfast Hours, Menu, and Price list

White Castle breakfast hours serve every type of person regardless of their lifestyles. In most food chains, breakfast is now available for 8:00 a.m. pickups. But the breakfast-themed sliders at White Castle have created a massive buzz about the delicious food. This prompted them to serve the breakfast menu all day.

White Castle breakfast is the perfect remedy when you cannot get enough of those delightful, steamed sliders and fluffy buns with tiny onions. Keep reading to know the White Castle breakfast hours, menu, and price list so you can keep munching on the delicacies all day.

White Castle Breakfast Hours

White Castle breakfast hours are not restricted to any particular period (expect them all day, every day! 24×7), so you can ultimately indulge in their food no matter where you are. When you are in a hurry for work, have some hash brown nibbles and a cup of coffee and prepare yourself for the long day’s hassle. On the other hand, children’s on their way to class can pick up their favorite breakfast sliders. Moreover, late risers and those who work night shifts or back shifts are also welcome to enjoy whatever treats they like for breakfast.

White Castle Breakfast Menu hours:
Working daysOpening/closing time
Monday – Sunday24 hours

YES, the Ohio-based burger chain serves breakfast 24 hours a day!

White Castle Breakfast Menu and Price list

Following is the White Castle Breakfast Menu with the price list; go through them and grab yours! Also, do not forget to refer Ziggy’s Hours as they serve delicious meals at less cost.

Breakfast Sliders

The breakfast waffles slider is one of the most beloved and fan-favorite items on the all-day breakfast menu. 

  • Fluffy soft waffles paired with crispy and thin eggs, cheese, and sausages make a great deal of breakfast to kick-start the day. 
  • The slight taste of maple syrup in the Belgian waffle prevents a sense of being left out by not having it on the side for dipping, and its cloud-like inside texture is Chef kiss. 
  • You can bet on the eggs as they are more flavorful and dense than many other fast food breakfast products, which taste more like cardboard than eggs. 

Moreover, the perfectly slightly salty and meaty sausage adds an extra layer of flavor to an outstanding sandwich. A crispy bacon or jalapeño cheese garnish can also be ordered for an extra kick.

The original slidersingle$0.72
The original sliderdouble$1.42
Cheese slidersingle$0.90
Cheese sliderdouble$1.78
Jalapeño cheese slidersingle$0.94
Jalapeño cheese sliderdouble$1.86
Bacon cheese slidersingle$1.24
Bacon cheese sliderdouble$2.46
Chicken breast slider$1.59
Fish slider  $1.59
Veggie slider$0.99
Chicken ring slider  $1.39
Bistro turkey slider (Serves for Iimited time)$1.09
Chicken and waffles slider ( Serves for limited time)$2.69
Turkey dinner slider (Serves for Iimited time)$1.59
Cranberry turkey slider  (Serves for Iimited time)$1.19

Waffles and Sandwiches:

Indeed, toast sandwiches don’t sound like much of a favorite item unless you are talking about the ones that are White Castle-inspired. Perfectly toasted bread slices sandwich between two scrumptious melted slices of sausage, bacon, or cheese. This is a classic American breakfast sandwich that is here to stay if you take a look at the chain’s menu addition.

Its simplicity makes it so appealing that it might be boring and less impressive, but the one breakfast toast sandwich is all you need to feel that comfortable excitement after breakfast. Overall, it is just not a bland sandwich but have a bite. I am sure you will scream yum!

One breakfast slider $3.59
Two or double breakfast sliders$4.99
One breakfast toast sandwich$3.89
Two or double breakfast toast sandwiches$5.59
One belgian waffle slider$4.09

Other breakfast Originals:

The original slider with egg and cheese is just what you need to complete the White Castle slider’s menu even better. Don’t judge this dynamic duo with the simple combination, as the combo of slider burger meat with eggs is a brilliant combo of White Castle, part one. It makes you wonder why no one has ever put an egg on a cheeseburger slider.

As a finishing touch, a generous serving of caramelized onions stamps, ships, and is ready for you to devour. This slider is one of the most highly regarded White Castle menu items, which says a lot, considering how consistently the restaurant chain has produced outstanding dishes.

The potato interior of White Castle’s hash browns is tender and pillow-like, with a mildly salty flavor. With this in mind, they are an instant hit on their own or in combination with any breakfast item from White Castle.

The original slider with egg and cheese$1.59
Breakfast sliders with egg and cheese$1.39
Breakfast slider with sausage and cheese$1.39
Breakfast sliders with egg, sausage, and Cheese$1.59
Breakfast sliders with egg, bacon, and cheese$1.59
Breakfast toast sandwich with egg, bacon, and cheese$1.89
Breakfast toast sandwich with egg and cheese$1.79
Breakfast toast sandwich with egg, sausage, and cheese$1.89
Belgian waffle slider with egg, sausage, and cheese (serves for limited time)$2.09
Belgian waffle slider with egg, bacon, and cheese (serves for limited time)$2.09
Belgian waffle slider with gravy and sausage (serves for limited time)$1.89
Strawberries and cream waffles (serves for limited time)2 Pc.$1.99
Mini belgian waffles (serves for limited time)2 Pc.$1.69
Hash brown nibblersSmall$1.19
Hash brown nibblersMedium$1.69
Hash brown nibblersSack$2.99
Maple and brown sugar oatmeal$1.49
French toast sticks4 pc.$1.59
Maple and brown sugar oatmeal (without topping) $1.39

White Castle Prices for Crave Case

A Big Crave combo from White Castle Restaurant is a good choice if you serve more than one person. For example, the Castle Pack 8 includes eight sliders and onion rings or fries. You can also purchase ‘Em by The Sack” or invest in a Crave Case or Crave Crate for extra sliders. Here is a listing of all the prices for White Castle Crave Cases and Crates. You can check the White Castle crave crate prices and know how much they are.

White Castle Crave Case menu listQuantities
Castle pack 72 small fries, 2 small soft drinks, and 10 original sliders,
Castle pack 8A family meal including 20 chicken rings, 10 original sliders, and a sack of fries.
Castle pack 920 original sliders and 4 fries.
Crave CaseThis convenient case contains 30 sliders
Get “Em by the sack”10 sliders of your choice in a sack
Crave Crate100 sliders of your choice in a case.

White Castle Lunch Hours:

White Castle Breakfast Hours, Menu, and Price list

The White Castle Start serving lunch at around 11 am, and stops around 2 pm. However the lunch hours may vary according to the location. During lunch hours at White Castle, customers can order cheeseburgers, chicken rings, or fries. Refer the below table to know the White Castle lunch menu in detail.

DaysWhite Castle Lunch Hours StartWhite Castle Lunch Hours End
Monday11:00  a.m.2:00 p.m.
Tuesday11:00  a.m.2:00 p.m.
Wednesday11:00  a.m.2:00 p.m.
Thursday11:00  a.m.2:00 p.m.
Friday11:00  a.m.2:00 p.m.
Saturday11:00  a.m.2:00 p.m.
Sunday11:00  a.m.2:00 p.m.

White Castle Happy Hour menu and prices

There are also happy hours at White Castle. You will be able to get discounted drinks during this time. However, depending on the outlet, happy hours can vary. You can find out more about happy hours by contacting customer service. You can also get your meals at a discounted price at some outlets. Depending on the order, the cost can range from $1.99 to $4.99.

Note – You might also be interested in Zorbas Operational Hours.

How to order online from White Castle restaurant?

Want to place an order online with White Castle? If so, then you’re in the right place. We have got your back. You can order your favorite food from White Castle online by visiting their official website, downloading their app or using any other delivery platform they offer.

  • You can also rely on leading delivery platforms like UberEats, Seamless, Doordash, Postmates, and Grubhub to order White Castle food online. 
  • Open the official website of any of these delivery partners’ platforms to place your order online on White Castle.
  • Choose any White Castle outlet near you and proceed to place your order.
  • You will be able to view the entire menu after adding the location of the White Castle outlet.
  • Choose the foods you want from the menu and add them to your cart.
  • Once you have completed the checkout process, you can confirm your order.
  • You will be directed to enter your details and registered phone numbers on the checkout page. You will receive your order confirmation once you have entered all the required information.


Q1 – Is White Castle breakfast all day Available?

Ans – Yes, the breakfast is available all day.

Q2 – When did White Castle start serving breakfast?

Ans – Breakfast is typically performed at 7:00 am in many White Castle locations.

Q3 – Can you get sliders in the morning at White Castle?

Ans – Unlike any other fast food burger, White Castle sliders are unique. “Cravings” are a topic worth discussing. It is open 24 hours a day, so you can satisfy that craving whenever you want.

Q4 – Does White Castle have hash browns all day?

White Castle serves hash browns daily under small, medium, and sack categories. You can avail of them anytime.

Q5 – What is the Valentine’s Day menu at White Castle?

Ans – White Castle has some unique Valentine’s day menus. It offers a special menu featuring such favorites as ‘Turn up the heat’ and ‘Love at first bite. Moreover, unique sliders are made for two, especially on Valentine’s Day.


Hopefully, this article gave you a better understanding of White Castle breakfast hours. With this knowledge, you can plan your next White Castle visit accordingly!