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Sonic Breakfast Hours: Does Sonic Serve Breakfast All Day?

Sonic Breakfast Hours: Does Sonic Serve Breakfast All Day?

During Sonic breakfast hours, you will find a variety of healthy and rich breakfast items, drinks, and combos. One can also grab the Sonic Breakfast Menu at the Sonic locations throughout America. The iconic Sonic collection will always have something for you, no matter what type of eater you are.

However, the only concern is time restrictions. Because of this you might think twice for eating your favorite Sonic breakfast. In most restaurants in the United States, breakfast is served only in the morning because it makes logical sense. So your confusion is valid. Here’s the complete detail about Sonic breakfast hours.

Sonic Breakfast Hours

Aside from offering a unique dining experience, Sonic is the only fast-food restaurant that serves breakfast all day.

However, remember that all Sonic restaurants do not operate on the same schedule. Throughout the week, the restaurants are open from 6:00 AM until midnight, except on Fridays and Saturdays; when they are available at 07:00 AM and remain open an hour longer. Nevertheless, this won’t always be the case.

So, in order to avoid showing up too early or too late, confirm Sonic’s opening and closing hours before heading into a Sonic restaurant near you. If you search the Sonic website for a specific location, you can get a phone number that can be called to confirm when they open or close.

DaysSonic Breakfast Hours (Opening time)Sonic Breakfast Hours (Closing time)
Monday6:00 AM12:00 AM
Tuesday6:00 AM12:00 AM
Wednesday6:00 AM12:00 AM
Thursday6:00 AM12:00 AM
Friday6:00 AM12:00 AM
Saturday7:00 AM12:00 AM
Sunday7:00 AM12:00 AM

Does Sonic serve breakfast all day?

In Sonic, breakfast is available all day, which makes it one of the few restaurants that offer this service. Breakfast is rarely served all day in US restaurants for a very obvious reason. In most cases, breakfast should be eaten early in the morning, so there’s little reason to serve it later in the day. However, we believe Sonic does not follow this theory.

You may also be lucky if you’re one of the few people who prefer Sonic’s breakfast menu later in the day as well. It serves breakfast every day from 6:00 am to midnight, usually from Monday through Saturday. Are you guys interest in knowing the Fairfield Inn Breakfast Hours? People says a lot more good stuff about it, check it out once!

Is Sonic breakfast good?

If you are expecting a fast-food breakfast, Sonic’s breakfast is a good one. It is nice that you can customize their breakfast sandwiches and burritos however you would like, giving you complete control over how you want your breakfast to be made.

A wide variety of limeades and fruit slushes is available at Sonic. They are best known for their old-fashioned burgers, tater tots, and limeades. Furthermore, they have also created a tempting breakfast menu with sweet and savory options that cover the spectrum of American classics.

Sonic breakfast Menu 2023:

Sonic Breakfast Hours: Does Sonic Serve Breakfast All Day?

Fast food restaurants like Sonic are famous for their low-fat and low-calorie food. You can plan for a complete breakfast without interruption as both delicious and nutritious breakfast meals are available. It offers a wide variety of menu dishes that customers enjoy. You can choose from a variety of drinks, beverages, and a complete menu for classic American tastes on the breakfast menu. Aside from corn dogs, onion rings, cheese, tots, veggies, etc., there are also some essential ingredients that go with every dish. 

There are several different types of breakfast meals they serve, such as bowls, combos, specials, etc. All of these meals included are known as value-for-money packs.

Some of the famous Sonic breakfast food items

Ultimate meat and cheese burrito:

This breakfast burrito is fantastic. The breakfast consists of fluffy eggs, tots, savory sausage, crispy bacon, and cheddar cheese warm tortillas.

Breakfast toaster:

 Sonic’s Breakfast Toaster is the perfect alternative to a burrito if you prefer a breakfast sandwich over a burrito. Served on Texas toast, this hearty breakfast sandwich includes scrambled eggs topped with American cheese and your choice of breakfast sausage or bacon. You may also enjoy a medium drink and tots as a combination with this meal.

French toast sticks:

The best French toast can be found on this excellent menu.

Cinnamon Cinnasnacks with cream cheese frosting:

Served with some tots and a drink, this breakfast is available as a combo.

Sonic breakfast Menu Prices:

Sonic Breakfast MenuPrices
French Toast Sticks with Syrup$2.49
Breakfast Toaster-Combo$4.89
SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito$5.99
SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito Combo$5.99
Ultimate meat and Cheese Breakfast Burrito$3.89
Cinnasnacks Combo$4.99
French Toast sticks with syrup +Drink($3.49)
Breakfast Burrito($2.59)
Breakfast Toaster($2.89)
Famous Slushes$1.19
Signature Limeades$1.69
Candy Slushes$1.69
Real Fruit Slushes$2.19
Soft Drink$1.19
Soft Drink (Iced Tea)$3.99
Ocean Water$1.39
Sonic Splash$1.19
Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice Cocktail$1.99
Sonic Wave Bottled Water$1.49
Premium Roast Coffee$1.49
Sonic Energy Drink$1.99

Sonic breakfast Hours near me:

A Sonic restaurant can be accurately determined when it stops serving breakfast with amazing accuracy by using this simple technique. If you want to make sure, call the specific outlet to speak with a customer service representative.

You can easily get your Sonic phone number from the website if you don’t already have one. In the locations section of the Sonic breakfast website, you can find the exact addresses and phone numbers of all Sonic breakfast outlets across the country. You can find out the number by following these steps.

  • Open a browser on your phone or computer and go to the Sonic website (
  • You can select your specific outlet location by entering your zip code, city, or state from the top menu by clicking on the ‘locations’ option.
  • Select the location icon over the restaurant you’re trying to find on the map and enter its address. 

By clicking on that, you should be able to find out some details about the outlet, such as the phone number. You can call the phone number listed to speak with a customer service agent at the restaurant if you are browsing on your phone.


Q1 – What is included in the Sonic breakfast toaster?

There are a variety of toaster pastries included with the Sonic breakfast toaster, including muffins, bagels, and croissants.

Q2 – Is there a Sonic breakfast item that is the least expensive?

The breakfast items at Sonic are affordably priced and are of high quality. Their price justifies their quantity. The following are some of the lowest-priced items on the menu
Breakfast toaster
Breakfast burrito
Four pieces of French Toast Sticks
CrosSONIC Breakfast Sandwich and more

Q3 – Does Uber Eats, Door Dash, or Grub Hub deliver breakfast from Sonic?

Ans – If you want breakfast delivered during any hours, you can order it through Uber Eats or any of these sites.

Q4 – What are Sonic’s SuperSONIC breakfast burritos?

Ans – Served in a warm flour tortilla, the SuperSONIC breakfast burrito features sausage, melted cheddar cheese, fluffy scrambled eggs, diced onions, crispy tots, tomatoes, and spicy jalapenos.

Wrapping up!

As long as you arrive at the restaurant during breakfast hours, you are surely to get breakfast. Now, you know the Sonic breakfast hours, it won’t be much of a hassle. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to no longer have to worry about breakfast hours, thereby allowing you to eat it whenever you want?

Yes! Sonic’s all-day breakfast menu aims to fulfill this wish of yours by this service. You can order your favorite breakfast dish as long as you show up during the restaurant’s operating hours. Having breakfast available all day must be extraordinary, so don’t miss it out.