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Sizzler Breakfast Buffet Hours, Menu & Price in 2024

Sizzler Breakfast Buffet Hours, Menu & Price in 2024

In the past couple of decades, Sizzler has gained a reputation for offering a diverse and flavorful menu at affordable prices to keen food enthusiasts! This is the perfect restaurant for budget-conscious foodies or anyone looking to treat their taste buds without spending a fortune. Get ready to satisfy your cravings and ignite your appetite.

The aim of this blog post is to delve into the details of the Sizzler breakfast buffet hours, menu, and price highlighting its most irresistible dishes and price points that will have you heading to a Sizzler immediately.

Sizzler Breakfast Buffet Hours

It may seem like breakfast is accessible at Sizzler at certain times if you like eating there for breakfast. You are in luck because Sizzler breakfast buffet hours offer delicious breakfast buffets to kickstart your day! Whether you’re craving something sweet or something savory, they have something for you. Sizzler breakfast buffet is available from 7 AM to 11 AM every day of the week. Why don’t you start now? Refer to the table below to know the detailed breakfast hours!

DaysSizzler breakfast buffet hours (Opening)Sizzler breakfast buffet hours (Closing)
Monday7:00 AM11:00 AM
Tuesday7:00 AM11:00 AM
Wednesday7:00 AM11:00 AM
Thursday7:00 AM11:00 AM
Friday7:00 AM11:00 AM
Saturday7:00 AM11:00 AM
Sunday7:00 AM11:00 AM

When does Sizzler start serving breakfast buffet?

Breakfast buffets are available from 7:00 AM in the morning at Sizzler. In general, you’ve got plenty of time to enjoy a scrumptious meal! So don’t miss out on Sizzler’s early morning specials and wake up early!

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What time does Sizzler stop serving breakfast buffet?

The Sizzler breakfast buffet is limited to a certain amount of period. It ends at 11:00 AM sharp in the morning. However, you may need to check with your local branch for operating hours. To find out more information and to check availability, call ahead or visit Sizzler online!

Sizzler Breakfast Buffet Menu & Price

Sizzler Breakfast Buffet Hours, Menu & Price

Buffets are everyone’s favorite. You can choose your own meal, which is an exciting experience. The breakfast buffet at Sizzler gives you the opportunity to start each day with an adventure. Various delicious breakfast options are available for a low price, such as pancakes, eggs, and potatoes for breakfast. We have listed the entire Sizzler breakfast buffet menu below if you are looking for the latest prices on the Sizzler menu.  But remember, depending on the location, menu selections and prices may differ.

Sizzler Breakfast Buffet Menu & Price
Muesli with yogurt and others.
French Toast
Hot and Cold Cereals

As an added bonus for all, those who want something sweet in the morning can choose from these two options.

Yummy bakery delights
Fresh seasonal fruits

Sizzler’s menu prices are expected to be on the high end since they are a chain of casual restaurants.  You can get all of this for just $6 to $11 per person. But remember, the breakfast buffet does not include a beverage.

Sizzler’s popular breakfast buffet foods

Sizzler Breakfast Buffet Hours, Menu & Price


The love of pancakes knows no bounds, right? Sizzler’s pancakes will leave you satisfied with every bite. A sweet batter is grilled to a perfect circular shape. When it comes to choosing the toppings for your delicious meal (such as melted butter and syrup), you are the boss.


Bacon is a must-have for breakfast. In addition to making the best steaks and baby-back ribs, Sizzler has proven itself to be one of the best. As a result of that skill, the restaurant’s bacon is of high quality. This crispy, delicious flavor will absolutely delight you.

Fresh fruit:

There is an amazing salad bar at Sizzler that offers more than 50 different fresh ingredients. Guests can laze on the Craft Salad Bar while they await their meal and fill up on fresh greens while they wait for it.

However, freshness isn’t just limited to the daytime hours; at the breakfast buffet, you’ll find an amazing array of fresh fruit. To complement your meal, you will be served fruit that is in season.

Hot and cold cereals:

Hot and cold cereal is everybody’s favorite breakfast part of growing up, so the availability of it at hotels and restaurants, even in Sizzlers, will be a great thing for you.

This crunchy cereal paired with cold milk will remind you of your blissful childhood days. You can choose from several cereals (hot and cold) on the breakfast buffet at Sizzler. Each bite will be a delight.

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Does Sizzler offer an all-day breakfast?

No, the breakfast items are limited to a few hours. However, customers can order from certain restaurants’ breakfast menus as long as they are open. Many people refer to these restaurants as being open 24 hours a day, but does Sizzler fall under this category?

From our research, most Sizzler locations are only open on Sundays from 7 AM to 11 AM or 12 PM for breakfast. In spite of this impressive achievement, Sizzler’s breakfast buffet won’t be available all day. You should look for alternatives if you want a breakfast restaurant that is open until 4:00 PM.

Are Sizzler’s restaurants open on holidays?

The holiday season is a time for people to eat, but employees at companies like Sizzler also want to spend time with their families. The employees of Sizzler seem to be the ones making the biggest sacrifices as a result of one sacrifice for another. Easter Sunday and Christmas are the only holidays that Sizzler is closed. However, you are welcome to have breakfast on any other working day.

How to find the Sizzler breakfast buffet near me?

  • First, visit its official website
  • Alternatively, you can use the Google search bar to find Sizzler
  • On the homepage, you will see the “Find a Sizzler” at the top right of the screen.
  • Using this search bar, you can filter results by your location. Use your zip code, your city, state, or address, you can enter it here.
  • It will display a list of all the outlets in your local area once you enter your location.
  • Additionally, the store details option will also appear once you choose your location.

FAQs Sizzler Breakfast Buffet Hours

What is the Sizzler all-you-can-eat salad bar price?

All-you-can-eat salads are a trademark of Sizzler. There’s more to it than just salad, and it costs around $13. You will find nachos, soups, tacos, salads, and more! If you haven’t tried Sizzler’s all-you-can-eat craft salad bar, you are missing out! 

Does Sizzler offer gluten-free breakfast?

Some of Sizzler’s normal menu items are gluten-free, but it doesn’t have a gluten-free breakfast buffet. The best thing to do is ask your server if gluten-free food is available.

Does Sizzler offer discounts on breakfast buffets?

In the case of Sizzler’s breakfast buffet, there may be deals or savings available. See if your nearest Sizzler is offering any deals.

Wrapping up!

The main point was the opening and closing times of the Sizzler breakfast buffet hours, and we hope this article has helped you out.  In summary, Sizzler is a classic American diner offering both breakfast and dinner. From this Sizzler menu with prices, it is clear that the prices are neither low nor high. Now enjoy your feast!