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Olive Garden Lunch Hours, Menu with Prices in 2023

Olive Garden Lunch Hours, Menu with Prices in 2023

Hey! Looking for a hearty breakfast at Olive Garden but not sure what time it opens, what items are on the menu, Olive Garden specials, does Olive Garden do anything for birthdays, and a variety of other questions. Let’s take a deep breath. You’ve come to the right place! Here, you’ll get a complete guide to Olive Garden lunch hours, working hours and menu with prices.

An American casual dining restaurant chain, Olive Garden, has been known for serving its savory Italian-American cuisine since the year 1982. It is one of the largest chains of Italian-themed full-service restaurants in the US.

The Olive Garden was founded on December 13, 1982, and since then, it has been serving its customers with full dedication. They deal with serving its first-class menu, daily specials, and more. Go on twirling through this page to learn about Olive Garden’s lunch menu, specials nearby, Olive Garden operating hours, and more.

Olive Garden Lunch Hours

Olive Garden serves lunch Mon-Fri before 3 p.m.

DaysOlive Garden Lunch Hours StartsOlive Garden Lunch Hours Ends
Monday11 am3 pm
Tuesday11 am3 pm
Wednesday11 am3 pm
Thursday11 am3 pm
Friday11 am3 pm

Olive Garden Menu

Olive Garden specializes in serving a variety of Italian-American cuisine, including pasta, breadsticks, salads, and more. The company promotes its breadsticks products and centers its lunch menu around them.

Fried Mozarella$6.49
Classic Shrimp Scampi Fritta$9.49
Lasagna Fritta$9.29

Moreover, the company maintains the hygiene and freshness of its foodstuffs by supplying freshly prepared soups and sauces to each location instead of purchasing them from outside. The restaurant has smaller dessert portions called “dolcini,” which are gaining customers’ insight.

Olive Garden Menu with Prices (Updated)


Soups and Salads

Chicken and Gnocchi$5.79
Pasta e fagioli$5.79
Famous house salad to go$6.39
Zuppa Toscana$5.79

Cucina Classica – classic recipes

Eggplant Parmigiana$13.29
5 cheese ziti al forno$12.99
Chicken parmigiana$15.49
Tour of Italy$17.99
Lasagna classic$14.29

Lighter Italian Fare

Shrimp scampi$16.29


Chicken and Shrimp Carbonara$18.79
Chicken Alfredo$14.99
Chicken scampi$15.99


Chocolate brownie lasagna$7.29
Lemon cream cake$6.49
Seasonal Sicilian cheesecake$6.79
Black tie Moussie cake$7.29


Shrimp Alfredo$16.99
Shrimp scampi$16.29
Chicken and shrimp carbonara$18.79


Alfredo sauce$5.99
Tomato sauce$5.99
Meat sauce$5.99
5 cheese marinara$5.99
Cheese ravioli$5.99
Chicken fingers and pasta$5.69
Macroni and cheese$5.99


Italian bottled water$2.50
Limonata Kiwi Melon$3.00
Raspberry Lemonade$2.99
Iced tea bellini peach raspberry$2.99
Iced tea brewed$2.69
Limonata strawberry-passion fruit$3.00
Fruit juices$2.89
Fountain drinks$2.69

Olive Garden Working Hours

Olive Garden is one of the best fast-food restaurant chains with awesome service for breakfast, lunch, and other dining. There are 900+ locations of Olive Garden all over the US, although different outlets have different timings for operation.

So, it is best if you can select an individual location and check on its hours. Stop by today to enjoy family dining and fresh Italian foods at your preferred location. Let’s have a look at the working hours of Olive Garden.

DaysOpening hoursClosing hours
Monday11 am12 am
Tuesday11 am12 am
Wednesday11 am12 am
Thursday11 am12 am
Friday11 am1 am
Saturday11 am1 am
Sunday11 am12 am

It will be difficult to state the exact timing for breakfast and lunch. There are a number of outlets, and their functioning will also be different from one another. But you don’t need to worry. Just enter your location and zip code to know the timings as well as the menu of that particular restaurant.

One can also go with an online order as they offer online delivery services so that you can get your favorite OG classics.

Olive Garden Specials Menu

Get everyday specials, family-style meals, wine bottles, take-home favorites, lunch-sized favorites, Italian-inspired cocktails, and more at Olive Garden.

Special items on the menu of Olive Garden include:

Pumpkin CheesecakeA graham cracker crust, a creamy pumpkin filling, and whipped cream.
Family-style mealsEnjoy a family-sized pan of your favorite dish, or pick up a whole family bundle.
Entrees to take homeGet any entrée online or in-restaurant and take home a freshly prepared classic starting at only $6.
To-go wine favoritesstart at $18. Availability, price and quantity limits vary by location.
Italian-inspired cocktailsGet classic drinks with an Italian twist.
A lunch-sized favoriteGet your lunch before 3 pm; the price starts at $7.99.

Olive Garden Website

Here is the Olive Garden website to confirm the Olive Garden Lunch Hours, Menu Prices and any other specific details about their restaurants.

FAQs about Olive Garden Lunch Hours and Menu

What are the new dishes at Olive Garden?

The new section is titled “Lighter Italian fare”, which includes seafood brodetto, lasagna primavera with grilled chicken, herb grilled salmon, linguine alla marinara, and Venetian apricot chicken.

Does Olive Garden do anything for birthdays?

Guests can receive a delicious complimentary dessert on their birthdays when they dine at the Olive Garden restaurant.

Does Olive Garden give free breadsticks?

You don’t need to pay extra for breadsticks at Olive Garden when they are put on your table. However, if you want to eat only breadsticks, then you will need to pay $3.99 for your breadstick order.

Is Olive Garden lasagna frozen?

The lasagna at Olive Garden isn’t frozen or microwaved, but it is prepared in advance of service.

Does Olive Garden give free drink refills?

Olive Garden servers offer complimentary refills on soft drinks, raspberry lemonade, fruit juices, teas, and Caffe la Toscana when requested.

Does Olive Garden have margaritas?

Olive Garden serves its Italian margaritas with a shot of Amaretto on the side so that the diner can add it to their meals.

What time is Olive Garden’s least busy?

If you visit Olive Garden between Monday and Thursday from 3 to 5 pm, you will find that the restaurant isn’t very busy. At that time, you can order an entrée from a pre-fixed menu with unlimited soup or salad for just $8.99.

Did Olive Garden get rid of Unlimited?

Unlimited breadsticks, as well as unlimited soups and salads, are available at Olive Garden once again.

What is never-ending at Olive Garden?

The unlimited pasta, sauce, and toppings, including all the soups, salads, and breadsticks, are all available at Olive Garden for 9 weeks. Get the never-ending pasta pass to enjoy the endless pasta bowls as many times as you wish.

What are the three best soups at Olive Garden?

Get delicious homemade soups:
Chicken and Gnocchi: A savory and creamy soup prepared with roasted chicken, traditional Italian dumplings, and spinach.
Pasta e Fagioli: white and red beans, ground beef, fresh veggies, and tubetti pasta in a savory broth.
Minestrone: fresh veggies, beans, and pasta in a light tomato broth.

What is so special about Olive Garden?

Olive Garden has been considered one of the best restaurants that have occupied a special position in their customers’ hearts. They have a specialty in serving breadsticks. The chain is well-known for its endless salads, pasta, and warm and soft breadsticks.

Wrapping Up the Olive Garden Lunch Hours & Menu

In this article, we’ve tried to cover almost all aspects related to Olive Garden’s lunch hours, menu, specials, and more. We hope you’re now well aware of its services. Get there to enjoy a delicious brunch with your loved ones.

As earlier mentioned, the timings may differ as per the locations, so we kindly recommend that you check the operating hours of your nearest locations. Stay connected with us to get more details on the breakfast and lunch hours of various restaurants, their menus, and other related aspects.