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Lotaburger Breakfast Hours 2023 | Menu & Prices

Lotaburger Breakfast Hours 2023 | Menu & Prices

Lotaburger is perfect for burrito lovers. A wide variety of burritos are offered here, stuffed with delicious and yummy ingredients. In addition to burritos, they offer a wide array of other dishes during Lotaburger breakfast hours.

Blake’s Lotaburger’s breakfast menu is one of the best in town, so be sure you don’t miss it. The food here is affordable and filling for a kick-start to the day.

With this article, we have provided you with the complete Blake’s Lotaburger breakfast hours and meals, together with their prices. Do check it out and give it a try.

Lotaburger Overview

Blake’s Lotaburger is one of the largest fast food chains in the southwestern United States. After being founded in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the company has since expanded to include cities such as Austin, San Antonio, and Tucson as well.

It has its headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Many regional and local awards have been won by the restaurant due to its famous burgers. This company features many accolades, including best-fried calzones, best burgers with green chiles, and best breakfast burritos.

Lotaburger Breakfast Hours

The Lotaburger breakfast menu is the perfect way to begin your day if you’re a fan of fast food. There is a breakfast menu available in the early morning till the extended hours, so no matter when you wake up, you can get your fill. From Monday through Saturday, they start serving breakfast from 6:00 AM – 11:00 AM.

The restaurant is open seven days a week and opens a little later for breakfast on Sundays. So on Sundays, they serve from 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM.

Even if you don’t want to wait until morning, you can always grab a burger with eggs while you’re waiting. You will have to wait a short while for breakfast, though. You can find Blake’s Lotaburger breakfast hours here.

The timings listed here are the basic ones, but they may vary slightly from one location to another, so check with your nearest branch for the exact time. Even if you missed breakfast, they offer a wide variety of delicious items to satisfy your appetite.

DayLotaburger breakfast hours (Opening)Lotaburger breakfast hours (Closing)
Monday6:00 AM11:00 AM
Tuesday6:00 AM11:00 AM
Wednesday6:00 AM11:00 AM
Thursday6:00 AM11:00 AM
Friday6:00 AM11:00 AM
Saturday6:00 AM11:00 AM
Sunday7:00 AM11:00 AM

What time does Lotaburger start serving breakfast?

From Monday to Saturday, Blake’s Lotaburger starts serving breakfast around 6.00 AM, while on Sundays, it starts at 7.00 AM. So, if you want to eat there, be sure to get there on time. They offer classic breakfast favorites such as pancakes and waffles, as well as burritos and biscuits. Additionally, they offer hashbrowns, fruit cups, and yogurt as sides.

What time does Lotaburger stop serving breakfast?

Blake’s Lotaburger is one of the most popular fast-food breakfast restaurants. There is one question we get asked by potential customers very often, and that is when Blake’s Lotaburger stops serving breakfast.

To answer this question, Lotaburger breakfast ends at 11:00 AM on all days of the week.

Note – There is no better barbecue restaurant than Rudy’s, which offers brisket; Texas smoked sausage, stuffed chicken tenders, turkey ribs

Does Lotaburger serve breakfast all day?

Typically the answer is no. As it follows the timings given above. But being the popular fast-food chain restaurant offers a few breakfast food items all day. 

Whether you’re looking for a filling breakfast to start your day or a healthy snack to end the evening, Blake’s has it all.  Lotaburger will serve breakfast until closing, including the popular breakfast burrito plus hash browns.

Lotaburger Breakfast Menu Prices

Lotaburger Breakfast Hours

There are several popular items on the menu at Blake’s Lotaburger, including tasty and delightful breakfast items such as burritos and sandwiches, different kinds of delicious, mouthwatering burritos, and various other dishes. For the full Lotaburger breakfast menu, scroll down below.

Lotaburger breakfast itemsDescriptionPrice
Bacon burrito2 fresh eggs, hash browns,  Cheese, Sausage and your own choice of chile$3.99
Classic burrito with beans2 fresh eggs, hash browns,  Cheese, Sausage and your own choice of chile$3.99
Sausage burrito2 fresh eggs, hash browns,  Cheese, and your own choice of chile$3.99
Classic burrito2 fresh eggs, hash browns,  sausage or bacon, cheese, and you own choice of chile$3.39
Meat and bean burrito2 fresh eggs, hash browns,  sausage or bacon, cheese, and your own choice of chile$4.49
Bean burritoHash browns, 2 fresh eggs, beans, cheese and your own choice of chile$2.59
Lota Breakfast burrito$3.59
Southwest burrito$2.29
Carne adovada burritoHash browns, 2 fresh eggs, Carne Adovada, & Cheese$4.69
Chorizo BurritoChorizo, hash browns, 2 fresh eggs, and cheese$5.59
Breakfast Sandwich With MeatGourmet, sausage or beans, cheese and your own choice of chile$5.79

Lotaburger breakfast hours near me?

Using the Lotaburger restaurant website’s locator, you can locate Lotaburger breakfast hours nearby.

  • To find your nearest Lotaburger store, just enter your zip code or city and state.
  • If you know a Lotaburger location, click on it to see operating hours.
  • Moreover, the Lotaburger customer service number can also be used to locate a nearby location.

How to order food online from Lotaburger?

Would you like to enjoy your favorite Blake’s Lotaburgers at home? That’s great! With this new experience, you can have a truly delightful time. But how? If you want to order from Blake’s Lotaburger, you can use their official website, iOS app, or any other food delivery partner.

There are a number of leading food delivery apps that you can use to order food from Blake’s Lotaburger, including Doordash, Grubhub, Postmates, Ubereats, and Seamless. You can order Blake’s Lotaburger food online by following our detailed procedure.

Find your closest Blake’s Lotaburger location’s menu and prices

  1. Go to the official website of the restaurant and place your order.
  2. If there is a Blake’s Lotaburger outlet near you, please add its location.
  3. You will see the complete menu once you add the location.
  4. Then, select the food items you want to add to your cart.
  5. Complete the checkout process and confirm your order online.

Note – The Panera Bread fast-food chain is exclusively known for offering a wide range of bakery items and snacks. 

Blake’s Lotaburger contact details:

Lotaburger’s official website:

Lotaburger corporate office address: 3205 Richmond Drive NE Albuquerque, NM 87107

Lotaburger corporate office mobile number: 505.884.2160

FAQs about Lotaburger Breakfast Hours

Q1 – Does Blake’s Lotaburger serve breakfast?

Yes. Breakfast is served at Blake’s Lotaburger, typically starting at 6:00 AM until 11:00 AM. There is a variety of breakfast items to choose from, such as breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches with meat.

Q2 – What is included in the Lotaburger breakfast burrito?

Blake’s Lotaburger offers a variety of breakfast items on its menu, including eggs, pancakes, and burritos, which are popular among the locals. Several ingredients can be combined to make this breakfast burrito, including a tortilla, 2 freshly cracked eggs, grilled hash browns, grated cheddar cheese, a couple of strips of applewood smoked bacon, and a hatch green chile sauce to serve it with.

Q3 – What are Lotaburger’s normal hours?

The Blake’s Lotaburger restaurants are usually open by 6 AM till 10 PM. However, check at your local Blake’s Lotaburger before visiting.

Q4: Does Blake’s Lotaburger Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Lotaburger does not provide breakfast service throughout the whole day. The breakfast service only lasts till 11 AM.

Q5: Can you place an online order at Lotaburger?

Yes, you can place an online order at Lotaburger through their official website.

Q6: Where is Lotaburger’s headquarters?

Lotaburger’s Headquarters is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Rounding up: Lotaburger Breakfast Hours

When you order a breakfast meal from Blake’s Lotaburger, you’ll get a good meal at a reasonable price. Customers are offered a wide variety of choices on the breakfast menu, and the prices are reasonable.

You’ll find our American breakfasts affordable and filling, no matter what you’re in the mood for. Overall, for an early morning breakfast, it’s a great place to go. We hope you found this information about Lotaburger breakfast hours and menu.