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Kroger Deli Hours, Store Operational Timing, Menu and Nearby

Kroger Deli Hours, Store Operational Timing, Menu and Nearby

Kroger is an American retail company. It is secretly among the biggest and most significant supermarket chains in the US. Kroger has multiple department stores throughout the United States. Kroger Company’s headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Kroger Marketplace is a chain of big-box stores.

There are currently a total of 183 Kroger chains, in addition to the grocery department. Kroger delivers huge market growth by leading with fresh food items and accelerating digitally.

Kroger has a variety of favorite sandwiches and delicious meats and cheese for its guests to choose from. Whether you’re buying BBQ boneless wings or Lobster bisque, Kroger covers it all. Kroger offers a variety of foodstuffs, from meats and cheese to everything you wish for. Kroger typically operates from 8 am to 9 pm every day.

You can also place online orders to have Kroger’s products delivered to your door. Keep scrolling to learn more facts about Kroger’s hours, Kroger’s deli menu and prices, Kroger deli hot food menu, Kroger Deli tray prices, Kroger deli chicken prices, and more!

Kroger Deli Hours

Mostly, you’ll find Kroger stores and Kroger deli hours are the same, though they may differ from location to location. The Kroger deli operates throughout the week from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Some chains remain open till 11 pm.

Kroger stores will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and Easter Sunday. They may have adjusted hours on other holidays as well.

Determine your local Kroger deli hours and holiday hours by contacting the preferred store. You can find your local Kroger store by using the Kroger store locator on the official website and entering your city name, zip code, and state into the search bar.

What time does the Kroger Deli store operate?

The operational hours of Kroger Deli are listed below:

Days Opening hours Closing hours
Monday 8 am 9 pm
Tuesday 8 am 9 pm
Wednesday 8 am 9 pm
Thursday 8 am 9 pm
Friday 8 am 9 pm
Saturday 8 am 9 pm
Sunday 8 am 9 pm


What time does Kroger open?

The operating hours of Kroger are typically from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

What are Kroger’s busiest hours?

In order to avoid crowds, consider shopping on weekday mornings or weekends. Mostly, you’ll find that Kroger tends to get busy between 3 pm and 8 pm on weekdays.

What’s the best time to shop at Kroger’s?

The best time for shopping at Kroger is early morning on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, as many items are restocked and you don’t need to wait in a long queue.

Kroger deli Menu- What does Kroger deli have?

Kroger serves a variety of fresh and packaged meats, cheese, hot foods, dips, salads, soups, sushi, and more. Kroger’s deli menu has well-known brands of food products to choose from in the stores. They have various casseroles and other hot dishes for their customers. Let’s have a look at its menu:

Deli meats and cheeses

Get quality meats and cheese with Kroger’s menu. Here are some popular items they have in stock:

Boar’s head meat and cheese
Kahn’s Deluxe club Bologna
Kroger grab-and-go cheese
Oscar Meyer sliced and packaged meat
Clifty farm Country ham
Private selection of meat and cheese


Chicken and Ribs

The Kroger deli sells delicious chicken and ribs that can be taken home. They also sell brands like Fresh Food Market, Bourbon Brothers, and others. Kroger sells the following chicken and rib products.

Fried Chicken
Chicken tenders
Baked Chicken
Buffalo bone-in wings
Whole chicken
Popcorn chicken
Grilled chicken nuggets
Nashville hot chicken tenders
BBQ boneless wings
Garlic Parmesan chicken
Rotisserie bone-in chicken wings
A full slab of ribs



Craving a warm and savory soup? Have a look at Kroger’s deli menu. Below is the list of soups Kroger deli sells:

Spicy black bean soup Brocolli and cheddar soup
Turkey gravy Chicken noodle soup
Chicken and dumpling soup Gluten-free baked potato soup
Autumn squash soup Gluten-free chicken tortilla soup
Ancient grain minestrone Loaded potato soup
Vegan broccoli and cheddar soup Wild rice soup
Creamy macaroni and cheese Sweet potato souffle
Beef chili with beans Traditional stuffing
Lobster bisque Italian-style wedding soup with chicken
Vegetarian sipping soup from Campbells Gluten-free cheddar soup


Olives, dips, snacks, and spreads

The Kroger deli menu has a wide range of dips, spreads, snacks, and olives to purchase. The top picks are mentioned below.

Alouette Bakery fresh goodness
Bitchin’ sauce Boar’s head
Beanos Cabo fresh


What items does Kroger’s deli have?

At Kroger Deli, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from. These include fresh deli meat, chicken and ribs, fresh deli cheese, hummus, salsa, dips, sandwiches, salads, and more.

Does Kroger sell fried chicken wings?

Yes, get delicious Kroger’s crispy, traditional, fully cooked chicken wings, available at Krogers.

Does Kroger make fresh subs?

Kroger deli items include fresh products like sandwiches, party subs, hot foods, and party platters available for pick up through the Kroger Fresh App.

How much is Kroger’s fried chicken in Deli?

The price of Kroger fried chicken ranges from $0.79 to $7.99.

How many calories are in a fried chicken wing from Kroger?

220 calories are found in 4 oz (112g) of Kroger chicken wings.

Does Kroger make sandwiches in the deli?

Yeah! There is a department in the deli for making sandwiches and wraps.

How many carbs are in Kroger chicken wings?

Kroger chicken wings contain 200 calories per 93g serving.

How to find Kroger Store Nearby

Use a simple store locator to find your nearest Kroger stores.

Enter your state/city or zip code.

Select your nearest store.

Here, you can check your nearest store’s operating hours and the services available.

You can also access to services like cash checks, bills payment, or sending money.


Is there a Kroger in Florida?

There are 2 Kroger stores within 2 cities in Florida. You can choose to shop in-store, curbside pickup, or delivery. Your local Kroger offers thousands of quality products; fresh produce, meats, health products, and many other items.

Are there any Kroger’s in New England?

No, there are no Kroger stores in New England. Kroger has operations in 34 states and the District of Columbia.

Is Kroger cheaper than Walmart?

If you’re looking to save more money, then Walmart is the best choice. But if you’re quality-conscious and looking for more variety, then Kroger should be at the top of your list.

Does Kroger give senior discounts?

Yes, Kroger gives senior discounts on the first Tuesday of every month in all the stores.