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Kerbey Lane Menu: Breakfast, Lunch, Kids Menu with Price in 2022

Kerbey Lane Menu: Breakfast, Lunch, Kids Menu with Price in 2022

A regional network of fast food restaurants, Kerbey Lane Cafe is situated in Austin, the state capital of Texas. There are currently 11 Kerbey Lane establishments spread around the United States of America. Even now, Kerbey Lane Cafe is still totally family-owned and upholds its original founding ideals of providing delicious dishes that are carefully picked, fairly reasonable, and freshly made while giving everyone who walks through the doors a warm welcome.

Kerbey Lane serves many mouth-watering, profound delicacies in its breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. In This Article, we will be covering all important information related to Kerbey Lane Cafe’s breakfast menu, lunch and dinner menu, Kids menu, and some related FAQs.

Kerbey Lane Breakfast Menu

  Breakfast Favorites
Crispy Chicken Benedict All-natural chicken breast, poached eggs, Hollandaise, green chile sauce, and citrus-marinated onions are served with a fresh biscuit. One breakfast side is available. $13.49
Chicken and Pancakes All-natural chicken breast that has been golden-fried and served with cinnamon-flavored beignet pancakes and sweet-and-spicy maple Buffalo sauce. $12.99
Chilaquiles Crispy corn tortilla chips in Verde sauce, two over-easy eggs, queso fresco, onions, cilantro, and sour cream are added as the toppings. served with Mexican rice & refried black beans. Add $1.99 additional for chicken shreds. $11.29
Kerbey Kickstart Jalapeno sausage from Pederson’s, together with avocado toast and scrambled eggs. salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and spring mix. choice of attire. $12.49
Breakfast Tacos(V,VG,GF) Three-ingredient flour, maize, or whole wheat tortillas can be filled with eggs, bacon, sausage, chorizo, tofu scramble, cheddar jack cheese, or seasoned home fries. accompanied by homemade salsa $3.99,$7.99
EGGS BENEDICT Hollandaise sauce, poached eggs, and a ham steak on a toasted English muffin. One breakfast side is available. $12.99

Choice of Homemade Sauce: Roasted Roja, Verde, Green Chile Sour Cream, Our Out Of This World Queso.

Tex-Mex tradition. tortilla chips, pico de gallo, and scrambled eggs with your choice of homemade sauce and melted cheddar jack cheese on top. served with Mexican rice and black beans. Requests for tortillas will be fulfilled. Add chorizo +.99, either pork or vegetarian. $10.99
EGGS FRANCISCO Scrambled eggs, sliced tomato, Pederson’s all-natural bacon, avocado slices, and queso atop a toasted English muffin. two options for breakfast sides $12.29
Lemon Poppy Seed French Toast Platter (V) A choice of Pederson’s all-natural bacon, sausage, or seasonal fruit, two slices of our handcrafted Lemon Poppy Seed bread drizzled with lemon glaze, and two eggs any style. $12.49
LEMON POPPY SEED PARIS TEXAS PLATTER (V) A dish that combines our traditional savoury migas with our home-made French toast with lemon poppy seeds. Choice of any homemade sauce. $12.49
PARIS TEXAS PLATTER (V) a mashup of our traditional sweet French toast and savoury Migas.Choice of any homemade sauce.


THE KERBEY LANE COMBO* (GF) Two warm, fluffy half-size pancakes of your choice, two eggs any manner, Pederson’s all-natural bacon, sausage, and fresh seasonal fruit are included.

Upgrade to the pancake special of the month +50.

BREAKFAST PLATTER* (V, GF) Your choice of Pederson’s all-natural bacon, sausage, or seasonal fresh fruit, along with two half-size warm, fluffy pancakes, two eggs, either style. Upgrade to the pancake special of the month +50. $10.49
FRENCH TOAST PLATTER* (V) Two slices of French toast, two eggs any style & choice of Pederson’s all natural bacon, sausage, or seasonal fresh fruit.  $11.29
VEGAN BREAKFAST PLATTER (VG) Vegans, you’re covered. Green onions and fresh sliced tomatoes are added to a tofu scramble and two Dr. Praeger’s vegetable burgers. two vegan half-size vanilla pancakes are included. $11.99
AMERICAN CLASSIC* (GF) Choice of Pederson’s all natural bacon, sausage or ham steak & two eggs any style. Choice of two breakfast sides. $11.29
OATMEAL COMBO (VG) a hot bowl of cinnamon-sprinkled oats. served with bread, brown sugar, raisins, and fresh fruit in season. $8.99
BISCUITS, EGGS, SAUSAGE & GRAVY Two homemade biscuits topped with peppered gravy, two eggs any style & two Pederson’s all natural sausage patties. $10.99
California Omelet (V) a dish from our initial menu. Three-egg omelette with sliced avocado and cheddar jack cheese, garnished with diced tomato, Kalamata olives, and our own homemade green chile sour cream sauce. $11.99
Denver Omelet (GF) Pederson’s all-natural diced ham, cheddar jack cheese, green onions, green bell pepper, and sliced mushrooms are all included in the three-egg omelette. $11.99
Baked Potato Omelette (GF) Pederson’s all-natural bacon, green onions, salt-and-pepper home fries, cheddar jack cheese, and sour cream are all included in the three-egg omelette. $11.99
Harvest Omelette (V,GF) Green bell pepper, green onion, cheddar jack cheese, sliced mushrooms, and avocado are all added to a three egg omelette. $11.99
Egg White Omelet (V,GF) Three egg white omelet stuffed with feta, spinach & avocado topped with basil pesto. $12.29
CHICKEN VERDE OMELET Three egg omelet stuffed with shredded chicken, cheddar jack cheese and topped with our homemade Verde sauce. $11.99
Pancakes & French Toast
FRENCH TOAST Texas toast baked to perfection after being coated in our flavorful egg mixture. Finished up with cinnamon and powdered sugar. $8.99
PANCAKES Your choice of our big & fluffy pancakes: buttermilk, gingerbread, chocolate chip, or wild blueberry. Single 4.29 | Short Stack 7.49 | Full Stack 8.99
MONTHLY SPECIAL PANCAKE: PEACH COBBLER Single 4.79 | Short Stack 8.49 | Full Stack 10.49
GLUTEN FREE PANCAKES Vanilla or Pumpkin  

Single 4.79 | Short Stack 8.49 | Full Stack 10.49

VEGAN PANCAKES Vanilla Single 4.29 | Short Stack 7.49 | Full Stack 8.99

Kerbey Lane Kids Menu

JR. BREAKFAST PLATTER One egg served with bacon or fruit & choice of toast, pancake or French toast. $5.99
PANCAKES Choice of one buttermilk, apple whole wheat, gingerbread, blueberry, chocolate chip or special pancake (+.50). Add two pieces of bacon + 1.50. $3.99
CRISPY CHICKEN TENDERS Three strips of white meat chicken with flour coating. $6.49
MAC & CHEESE homemade three cheese & queso macaroni. $6.49
KIDS QUESADILLA Choice of chicken or cheese. $6.49
CHEESEBURGER All-natural wagyu patties served with mayo or mustard on a soft bun. $6.49
GRILLED CHEESE Cheddar cheese melted on grilled white bread. $6.49
Jr. Milk | Jr. Soda | Jr. Hot Chocolate | Orange, Cranberry, or Apple Juice $1.50


Kerbey Lane Lunch And Dinner Menu

Kerbey Favorites
PAN SEARED SALMON(GF) Salmon that has been sustainably reared and spiced in-house. served with basil mashed potatoes and tamarind-glazed Brussels. $15.99
CHICKEN FRIED PLATTER Salmon that has been sustainably reared and spiced in-house. served with basil mashed potatoes and tamarind-glazed Brussels. $14.49
CHIPOTLE BEER BATTERED FISH & CHIPS Cod that has been captured in the wild is dipped in our own, Firemans 4 chipotle beer batter and fried until golden. accompanied by coleslaw, chips, and chipotle mayo. $14.49
GREEK CHICKEN All-natural chicken breast that has been grilled, spinach that has been sautéed, diced tomato, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, homemade hummus, and tabbouleh. accompanied by grilled pita bread.                           $14.49
GREEN CHILE MAC Our creamy three-cheese, green chile, and queso sauce are mixed with macaroni. Topped with panko breadcrumbs, aged white cheddar, cheddar jack cheese, and all-natural chicken breast that has been golden-fried.


BACON WRAPPED MEATLOAF All-natural Pederson’s bacon wrapped around wagyu beef, pork, and seasonings. Topped with our delicious roasted red bell pepper tomato sauce. Served with garlicky steamed broccoli and bacon cheddar mashed potatoes. $14.49
Sandwiches And Burgers
               PATTY MELT On grilled thick-cut Texas toast, two all-natural wagyu beef patties are crushed and smothered in caramelized onion, melted cheddar cheese, and our tangy special sauce. $13.79
BUFFALO CHICKEN SANDWICH Fried all-natural chicken breast topped with avocado, mozzarella cheese, crispy coleslaw, and jalapeo remoulade and coated in Cajun hot sauce. On a grilled challah bun. $13.79
 1/2 LB ALL NATURAL BACON CHEESEBURGER Sliced avocado, lettuce, tomato, house-brined and roasted turkey breast, Pederson’s all-natural bacon, and your choice of jalapeo remoulade or chipotle aioli. served with warm ciabatta bread buttered. $13.99
 VEGGIE BURGER (V, VG) Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado & topped with Credo’s cashew queso. Served on a wheat bun & choice of potato chips, French fries or sweet potato fries. $12.99
 VEGAN BBQ SANDWICH (VG) Homemade veggie chorizo, vegan BBQ sauce & grilled red onions stuffed in ciabatta bread. $12.99
TURKEY & AVOCADO CLUB Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado & topped with Credo’s cashew queso. Served on a wheat bun & choice of potato chips, French fries or sweet potato fries. $13.49
           CHICKEN PESTO PANINI Grilled all natural chicken breast, fresh basil pesto, tomato & mozzarella cheese pressed in grilled panini bread. $13.49
CHIPOTLE CHICKEN SANDWICH Grilled all natural spicy chicken breast, chipotle mayo, tomato, red onion and mozzarella. Served on a grilled challah bun. $13.49
SALMON TACOS (GF) House seasoned pan seared salmon, sliced avocado, jicama, carrots & cabbage, cilantro lime vinaigrette & fresh pico de gallo wrapped in warm corn tortillas (2). Served with refried black beans & Mexican rice. $13.49
COBB SALAD (GF) Spring mix, grilled all natural chicken breast, sliced avocado, Pederson’s all natural bacon, blue cheese crumbles, red onion, tomato & hard boiled egg. Choice of homemade dressing. $13.99

FAQs Related to Kerbey Lane Cafe

What is the Kerbey Lane website?

Kerbey Lane cafe’s website is

What are the Lunch Hours For Kerbey Lane Cafe?

The Lunch menu at Kerbey Lane Cafe begins serving from 11:30 AM to 02:30 PM.

What are the holiday hours for Kerbey Lane Cafe?

Kerbey Lane Cafe is closed on Christmas Eve (December 24th) at 3 PM and remains closed through Christmas Day (December 25th). All stores re-open on December 26th at 7 AM. Most Kerbey Lane Cafe locations are open on Thanksgiving Day; though a select few stores will be closed.

What are the hours of operation for Kerbey Lane Cafe?

Kerbey Lane Cafe locations are open from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

What is Kerbey Lane Famous For?

Kerbey Lane is also called the Domestic House For Pancakes. Some of its dishes include house favorites and seasonal items like blueberry, cinnamon roll, gingerbread, and lemon poppy seed.

How Many Locations Does Kerbey Lane Have?

Kerbey Lane is currently present at 11 locations all over the United States Of America.

Does Kerbey Lane Cafe provide Free WiFi service?

Yes, Kerbey Lane Cafe provides Free WiFi access at all its locations.

Is Kerbey Lane Pet Friendly?

Yes, almost all locations of Kerbey Lane are pet friendly.

Is Kerbey Lane queso vegan?

With ingredients like nutritional yeast, tomatoes, and roasted red peppers, Kerbey Lane’s Vegan Queso is a delectable cheese substitute.

Does Kerbey Lane have a Kids Menu?

Yes, Kerbey Lane has a special menu curated for kids, the age should be 12 or under to avail of the menu.

Are Vegan Options Available at Kerbey Lane?

Yes, Vegan dishes are served along with vegetarian and gluten-free dishes at Kerbey Lane. You can check the menu, the dishes that are vegan are marked (VG)