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Jimboys Tacos Breakfast Hours, Menu, Daily special, FAQ

Jimboys Tacos Breakfast Hours, Menu, Daily special, FAQ

The all-American original Mexican food, Jimboys first began at a trailer at king’s beach California. The creator of Jimboys was one of the first to introduce tacos at those time. With the special ingredients and making style, Jimboy’s flourished in their business in no time.

They gained the hearts of many taco lovers and were a frequent novelty to many famous celebrities. Their special taste has not known any bounds and continues to grind its name in the fast food business.

Let’s look at what they serve in the morning with their breakfast menu and timings. Also, find the Jimboys Tacos Breakfast Hours, Lunch Menu, Nearby, and many more here.

Jimboys Tacos Breakfast hours

The breakfast at Jimboys start at 8:00 am on weekdays and at 9:00 am on weekend. But what’s so interesting is their closing timings. The closing timings of their breakfast and lunch are said to be at 2:00 pm. After their Breakfast & Lunch hours, you can still find many options which you can avail of if you visit there. So, find the Jimboys Lunch menu and other food items with its best flavors.

What Time Does Jimboys Start Serving Breakfast?

Well, Jimboys start serving their customers from 8 AM during weekdays which is Mon to Fri. On Weekends, they serve breakfast from 9 AM. So if you wanted to taste the food then from 9 AM, especially on Sunday, you can avail it.

What Time Does Jimboys Open

They open their restaurant at 8 AM. So basically in the morning you can have a tasty and healthy breakfast at Jimboys.

Jimboys Breakfast Menu

With the timings at Jimboys being so flexible. They have a short list of menus for their breakfast. It includes

Breakfast wrap Egg, Cheese, Ham, Bacon or Chorizo
Breakfast Taco Egg, Cheese, Pico de Gallo, Ham, Bacon or Chorizo
Breakfast bowl Egg, Cheese, Potatoes Rice, Bean, Red Sauce, Ham, Bacon, Steak or Chorizo
Breakfast Burrito Grande Egg, Cheese, Mild Chiles and potatoes w/ Ham, Bacon or Chorizo

Daily special at Jimboys

Monday Taco and enchilada daily special
Tuesday Two enchiladas daily special
Wednesday Ground beef taco and chicken taco daily special
Thursday Combo burrito daily special
Friday Enchilada daily special
Saturday Ground beef and taco and chicken taco daily special
Sunday Enchilada daily special


What time does Jimboys operates?

The working hours at Jimboys are conventional and regular. On weekdays their timings are between
8:00 am to 10:00 pm. On weekends their timing shift from 9:00 is to 10:00 pm on Saturday and 9:00 pm on Sunday. Though, these timings are common for most of the days.

Jimboys Holidays and Special Hours

They have some special hours or operations specially on – Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, Christmas day, new year’s eve, and New year’s day.

How fresh are Jimboys food menu ingredients?

The Jimboys commit to the freshness of their ingredients. They use fresh and premium ingredients in the preparation of their food. From scratch, they cock their food in small batches to ensure its cleanness.

Is there a taco that isn’t on the menu?

Yes, at Jimboy there is an item that is not on the menu. This item is called the gypsy taco. It contains double meat, double cheese, and lettuce. There is also another item which is called the taquito burrito which is said to possess mystical powers.

What type of cheese is used at Jimboys?

Ever since the special recipe began the Jimboy has been using their signature parmesan cheese.

Why Jimboys

Jimboy has been serving its customers with fresh and all-American-style tacos for years. With the experience of almost 70 years, have faced many adversities and have experience in turning the tides. Such a long-running industry has always maintained to serve its customers with all the necessary ingredients to satisfy their taste buds. As they have a passion for the concept and the formula for success.

What are the seating ambiance and services at Jimboys?

Jimboys is an American-style taco restaurant that embraces the Mexican style of scenery in their
restaurants. They also bring it with a twist of American style. The services over there are recognized and seen as homely and warm, because with the sauces and tacos it’s the people who hold it together.