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Hungry Jack’s Breakfast Hours, Menu & Prices in 2024

Hungry Jack’s Breakfast Hours, Menu & Prices in 2024

A highly regarded brand of breakfast food, Hungry Jack’s is renowned for crafting and preparing its breakfast foods to perfection upon order. Not only that, but there’s more! You can also satisfy your cravings at this chain with a variety of sides like French fries and onion rings, coffee, soft drinks, breakfast items, and desserts. Overall, Hungry Jack’s is the perfect place to start your day! So what are you waiting for? Let’s know the entire Hungry Jack’s Breakfast Hours, Menu, and prices.

Hungry Jack’s Breakfast Hours

Hungry Jack’s starts serving breakfast as early as 6:00 AM and closes at 11:00 AM regularly on weekdays & weekends. Furthermore, you should confirm Hungry Jack’s opening hours before visiting any outlet to ensure you know what to expect. Refer to the table below for timings!

DayHungry Jack’s Breakfast Hours (Opening)Hungry Jack’s Breakfast Hours (Closing)
Monday06:00 AM11:00 AM
Tuesday06:00 AM11:00 AM
Wednesday06:00 AM11:00 AM
Thursday06:00 AM11:00 AM
Friday06:00 AM11:00 AM
Saturday06:00 AM11:00 AM
Sunday06:00 AM11:00 AM

Hungry Jack’s Breakfast Menu & Prices

The Hungry Jack brand is familiar to all Toastie lovers. Known for serving delicious and varied toasties at a reasonable price, it has earned a reputation for offering a wide selection of toasties to suit any taste. Aside from that, it is one of the best-known burger brands in Australia. Additionally, there are more items on the list; all made with fresh ingredients, explaining Hungry Jack’s, a Burger King franchisee, tastier quality food. 

Furthermore, the breakfast menu at Hungry Jack’s can be customized. It is possible to add or remove ingredients, change the bread type, and add extra sauces or toppings as well. You should also keep in mind that customizations might have an additional cost, and availability may vary by location by location. Below is the complete Hungry Jack’s Breakfast Menu & Prices in 2024

Hungry Jack’s Breakfast MenuPriceQuantity Price (Small Value Meal)
+60c for Medium, +$1.10 for Large
Hash Brown$2.50
Two Pancakes with Butter & Syrup$4.45$8.70
Cheese Toastie$4.20$8.45
Ham & Cheese Toastie$4.75$9.00
Ham, Cheese and Tomato Toastie$5.25$9.50
Sausage & Egg Turkish Brekky Roll$6.25$10.60
Bacon & Egg Turkish Brekky Roll$6.25$10.60
Double Sausage & Egg Turkish Brekky Roll$7.50$11.75
Double Bacon & Egg Turkish Brekky Roll$7.50$11.75
BBQ Brekky Wrap$7.25$11.50
BBQ Big Brekky Wrap$8.25$12.50

What breakfast specials does Hungry Jack’s have?

There is no doubt in my mind that even when you visit a restaurant that serves burgers, you will be served scrumptious and healthy breakfast options for early risers. Besides the regular menu items served by Hungry Jack’s, its customers are also offered a few specialties to make their taste buds tingle. 

To refresh their customers’ sense of taste, they introduce tropical meals exclusively during the summer season. Aside from that, the following items are quite popular on their menu.

Double Bacon & Egg Turkish Brekky Roll

It just keeps getting better and better in the mornings. Enjoy our NEW Double Bacon & Egg Turkish Brekky Roll, served on a toasted Turkish roll with freshly cracked eggs, smoky BBQ sauce, and cheese.

BBQ Brekky Wrap

We have got a good reason for getting out of bed this morning. On a warm toasted tortilla wrap, a freshly cracked egg, flame-grilled sausage patty, premium eye bacon, cheese, and BBQ sauce are perfect together.

Ham, Cheese and Tomato Toastie

Feeling hungry? We have got you covered. A Ham, Cheese, and Tomato Toastie from Hungry Jacks is a must-try. In a lightly toasted sandwich, premium shaved ham, mozzarella cheese, and ripe tomatoes are combined, making it totally worth it.

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Does Hungry Jack’s offer drive-thru breakfast?

Yes, in addition to the breakfast menu, Hungry Jack’s offers drive-thru service for breakfast orders. Customers who are on the go or like to stay in their cars can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner items through the drive-thru service. Hungry Jack’s restaurants typically offer drive-through service during certain hours. You should consult your local restaurant for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you order burgers during breakfast at Hungry Jacks?

No, it’s quite difficult. A pancake is a good and healthy choice for a refreshing breakfast.

Can you get hash browns all day at Hungry Jacks?

Everything has been changed for good, however, as Hungry Jack’s announced that they will now serve hash browns all day and every day! You are going to love $1 hash browns at Hungry Jack’s because they know how popular they are.

Does Burger King own Hungry Jacks?

Our company is also proudly Australian. There is only one Hungry Jack’s franchise in Australia, owned and operated by Burger King. Every change to our menu is driven by customer feedback, including our gourmet Grill Masters burgers and our thick-cut chips instead of traditional fries.

Do Hungry Jacks do Toasties all day?

No, get your day started with one of the delicious breakfast options from Hungry Jack’s by visiting the place before 11:00 AM. 

What is Hungry Jack’s waitlist?

When a new item is launched into the restaurant, a waitlist contains people who have expressed interest in it. As soon as the product becomes available, people on a waitlist are notified by email. You can join the waitlist via the official website.

Wrapping up!

A healthy breakfast is an essential part of a healthy diet. With a good breakfast, you will be energized and enthusiastic for the rest of the day. If you are searching for a convenient location where you can get a great breakfast, Hungry Jack’s is the place to go.

They cater to your breakfast needs with the best meals. A variety of cold and hot food options, as well as vegan and gluten-free options, make this fast-food chain famous. In case you have a craving for a delicious and sumptuous breakfast meal, We highly recommend Hungry Jack’s. Give them a try, and you’ll be glad you did.