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Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Hours, Menu, Price, Happy Hour in 2023

Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Hours, Menu, Price, Happy Hour in 2023

The Holiday Inn Express is a full-service restaurant and an ideal place for short-stay business travelers. Holiday Inn Express has almost half of IHG’s 6000-plus outlets.

Travelers can choose from more than 3000 locations of Holiday Inn Express around the world, such as Japan, Italy, Spain, the U.S., etc.

The locations are designed for ‘smart travelers’ and offer clean and hygienic services. They have a good collection of breakfast offerings. Guests can expect a free breakfast buffet every morning.

To plan a perfect meal to start your day, have a look at the Holiday Inn Express breakfast hours, Holiday Inn Express menu, Holiday Inn Express prices, Holiday Inn Express happy hour, and more.

Holiday Inn Express breakfast Hours

Wondering what time does Holiday Inn Express start serving breakfast?

Holiday Inn Express breakfast hours start at 7 a.m. from Monday to Friday and end at 11 a.m.

On weekends, they have slight changes in breakfast timing. They begin serving breakfast at 7:15 a.m. and continue until 12 a.m.

They have an amazing breakfast offering for their visitors and at a reasonable price. However, it must be noted that the timing of breakfast may vary depending on the time of day as well as locations.

The breakfast timings of Holiday Inn Express are listed below.

DaysHoliday Inn Express Breakfast hours startHoliday Inn Express Breakfast hours end
Monday7 am11 am
Tuesday7 am11 am
Wednesday7 am11 am
Thursday7 am11 am
Friday7 am11 am
Saturday7:15 am12 am
Sunday7:15 am12 am

Holiday Inn Express breakfast menu and prices

The Holiday Inn Express breakfast menu offers a great variety of excellent foodstuffs to satisfy every food craving of its customers.

They take care of quality and standards while preparing their meals. They prefer only natural ingredients in their food.

Their food is so incredibly delicious that their customers are drawn back to the restaurants again and again.

Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Hours

The Holiday Inn Express breakfast items along with their prices are listed below:

Full hot breakfast buffetSausage, eggs, bacon, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, cereals, pancakes, fresh fruits, yogurt, and milk$10/person
Continental breakfast buffetMuffins, bagels, danishes, cereal, oatmeal, fresh fruits, yogurt, juices, and milk (including cream cheese, honey, raisins, and peanut butter)$9/person
Fresh biscuit sandwichTurkey sausage, egg, bagels, pork sausage, ham biscuits, and cheese$3/ea
Pastry trayAlmost 14 pieces of pastries, muffins, and danishes$10
Famous cinnamon rollsFreshly baked cinnamon rolls with icing of cream cheese$12/dozen

Coffee, hot coffee, and iced water are complimentary.

They have plenty of other dishes on their lunch and dinner menus that you must check out. Everyone’s favorite hub to get their morning meal is Holiday Inn Express. So, whenever you’re near any of its locations, don’t forget to dine in at Holiday Inn Express.

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Holiday Inn Express happy hours

Hotel Bars and Lounges: Bistro 330 bar and grill

Get your favorite drinks and appetizers at Bistro 330 bar and grill.

The happy hours start at 5 pm and continue until 7 pm.

FAQs about Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Hours

What items are included in the Holiday Inn Express breakfast hours?

The extensive breakfast buffet at the Holiday Express Inn includes cereals, muesli, scrambled eggs, sausage, pastries, croissants, fruits, and toasts with a choice of preserves, fruit juices, teas, and coffees.

What is Holiday Inn Express breakfast starter?

The Holiday Inn Express breakfast starter includes a wide range of delicious items like Chobani yogurt, omelets, muffins, oatmeal, cereals, and many others.

What are Holiday Inn Express breakfast hours on the weekend?

On weekends, Holiday Inn Express breakfast hours begin at 7:15 in the morning and continue until 12. They serve breakfast buffet items throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday.

What are the items available at Holiday Inn Express for dessert lovers?

Dessert lovers will get extremely delicious cinnamon rolls, hotcakes, pancakes, milk, cream cheese, and other complementary items at the restaurant. The Holiday Inn Express awaits you with delicious offerings.

Final Words on Holiday Inn Express Breakfast Hours

We hope you got all the essential details regarding Holiday Inn Express breakfast hours through the organized sets of information provided here.

The Holiday Inn Express is an excellent hotel for families as well as individuals. They have a superb collection of foodstuffs on their menu.

If you’re staying at this hotel, the breakfast hours, menu, and prices mentioned above must help you getting a perfect meal to start your day.