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Guzman Y Gomez Breakfast Menu, Hours & Items with Price 2022

Guzman Y Gomez Breakfast Menu, Hours & Items with Price 2022

Guzman Y Gomez, GYG for short, was established in Sydney in 2006 and is widely known for serving delightful meals packed with Mexican flavors. It serves absolutely fresh and delicious food to its customer. If you have an affinity for Mexico or its culture and would like to indulge in the Mexican flavors then Guzman Y Gomez is the right place for you!

Guzman Y Gomez- GYG has recently launched its Breakfast menu. If you are bored with regular flavors and want to have a breakfast filled with new and unique flavors then you should give Guzman Y Gomez a shot.

To avail of their breakfast services let’s have look at Guzman Y Gomez Breakfast Hours and GYG Breakfast Menu in 2022.


The breakfast service of Guzman Y Gomez starts at 7 AM and goes on until 10 AM every day from Monday to Sunday. The timings may vary from outlet to outlet but not much difference is noticed. Maximum a difference of 5 – 10 minutes can be seen. However, you can always call your nearest Guzman Y Gomez outlet or visit their official website to know the exact times.

To help you navigate your way better through the page the timings have been specified below:

Days Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 7 AM 10 AM
Tuesday 7 AM 10 AM
Wednesday 7 AM 10 AM
Thursday 7 AM 10 AM
Friday 7 AM 10 AM
Saturday 7 AM 10 AM
Sunday 7 AM 10 AM

Guzman Y Gomez Breakfast Menu

If you have a habit to pre-plan your meals or like to know what’s on the menu beforehand, then we’ve got your back! To help you plan your perfect breakfast, here’s the list of the breakfast items offered at GYG:

GYG breakfast

Brekkie Burritos A hash brown, scrambled eggs, melted Jack cheese, pico-de-gallo salsa, and a filling of your choice- bacon, chorizo, or sautéed vegetables!
Guac on Toast Guacamole (smashed avo, pico-de-gallo salsa, and lemon juice) on toasted sourdough bread!
Scrambled Egg Brekkie Bowls Free-range scrambled eggs, Jack cheese, pico-de-gallo, corn chips, and a filling of your choice – bacon, chorizo, or sautéed vegetables!
Smashed Avo on Toast Smashed avocados on toasted sourdough bread!
Churros Cinnamon sugar churros with Dulce-De-Leche sauce!
Barista-made Coffee barista-made coffees to go perfectly with your Brekkie Burritos, Guac on Toast, Smashed Avo on Toast, Hash
Browns, Brekkie Bowls, Quesadillas, Chilaquiles, Churros and more!

Different GYG Outlets

How would you know where to get your breakfast when you don’t know your nearest GYG Outlet location availing of these services? To help you know your nearest outlet, here we have provided a list of locations that offer GYG Breakfast services:

Acacia Ridge Rockhampton
Albany Creek Parramatta CBD
Augustine Heights Penrith
Australia Square Perth Airport
Bakewell South Yarra (Punt Rd), The Foodary
Broadway St Ives, The Foodary
Browns Plains Swanston St
Bundaberg Tullamarine, The Foodary
Burleigh University of Queensland
Coffs Harbour Upper Coomera
Darling Park UNSW
Hawthorne Werrington, The Foodary
Indooroopilly Windsor
Kennington Wintergarden
King William Street World Square
MLC Centre Rockhampton
Nerang Parramatta CBD

Did you know you can also get breakfast with a Coffee/Hot Chocolate at certain GYG Outlets?
These outlets include:

Acacia Ridge Kennington
Albany Creek King William Street
Augustine Heights MLC Centre
Australia Square Nerang
Bakewell Parramatta CBD
Browns Plains Penrith
Bundaberg Perth Airport
Burleigh Rockhampton
Coffs Harbour Swanston St
Darling Park Upper Coomera
Hawthorne UNSW
Indooroopilly Windsor
World Square

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Guzman Y Gomez’s Breakfast Hours?

Guzman Y Gomez’s breakfast services are open daily (Monday to Sunday) 7 AM to 10 AM.

Does Guzman Y Gomez serve breakfast all day long?

No Guzman Y Gomez does not serve their breakfast all day long. They serve every day from Monday to Sunday till 10 AM.

What are some other services offered by Guzman Y Gomez?

GYG also provide a brunch menu, they also provide home delivery, and catering services.

What other items does Guzman Y Gomez serve?

Guzman Y Gomez serves a wide variety of items including Burritos, Bowls, Tacos, Nachos, Quesadillas, etc.

Does Guzman Y Gomez serve a menu for kids?

Yes, Guzman Y Gomez does offer a kid’s menu. This comes under their KIDS PICKS menu and includes:
👉 Little G Burrito
👉 Kids Nachos
👉 Kids Quesadillas
👉 Kids Fries
👉 Carrot discs

Is Guzman Y Gomez good for health?

Yes, Guzman Y Gomez provides food that is not only mouth-watering but also good for consumption.
They aim to serve clean and delicious food to all their customers.

What is Guzman Y Gomez’s official website?

Guzman Y Gomez’s official website is

Does Guzman Y Gomez provide phone applications?

Apart from their official website, Guzman Y Gomez also provides phone applications that can be downloaded via Google Play Store (Android Users) and App Store (iOS Users).

Can you place an online order at Guzman Y Gomez?

Yes, you can place an online order at Guzman Y Gomez through their official website. You can also place orders by downloading their apps through App Store (For iOS users) and Google Play Store (For Android Users).

What are the different Guzman Y Gomez outlets?

Guzman Y Gomez has many outlets. To know your nearest location you can visit their official website.