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First Watch Breakfast Hours, Menu with Prices 2022

First Watch Breakfast Hours, Menu with Prices 2022

Want to grab a meal at an award-winning cafe? The first watch is here to meet your high standards. It is a daytime cafe serving breakfast, brunch, and lunch.

First Watch’s nerve center is in Bradenton, Florida but the delectable meals are served throughout the midwest and west coast. We have no clue how you got here. Our assumption is that you must be Jack who is early to bed and early to rise. As the name suggests, First Watch is for the first risers. But again, first risers like you must be well versed with First Watch Breakfast Hours.

We have included all the First Watch details- breakfast hours, menu and prices, etc. in this blog.

When does First Watch start serving breakfast?

First Watch breakfast hours are from 7 AM to 2:30 PM daily. So, you might stop by any day or every day and get served with their freshly prepared creations.

First Watch is a daytime cafe as you must have surmised from its operating hours. First time at First Watch? Let us assure you that First Watch breakfast and lunch are like a breath of fresh air. You get generous portions of food prepared from fresh and hand-picked ingredients. First Watch has a cozy ambiance and everything is done and dusted by 2:30 PM.

When does First Watch stop serving breakfast?

First Watch breakfast hours end at sharp 2:30 PM. It is usually the same at all the First Watch cafes but we would suggest checking with the First Watch in your neighborhood once. The classic breakfast served there has something very appetizing about it.

This might be attributed to the innovative minds there. Not only eggs, sandwiches, coffee, and pancakes but also the palatable chicken burritos! We love burritos too, who doesn’t?

So now you must be enticed and wondering about the full First Watch Breakfast Menu 2022, aren’t you? Scroll down, early riser!

First Watch Breakfast Menu and Prices 2022

All we want after waking up is a pleasant morning but it doesn’t always roll that way, does it? But one thing that can go your way is your morning meal. The First Watch breakfast menu is updated regularly with new and healthy choices. Have a look at it yourself.

first watch breakfast menu

First Watch Classic Favorites

Trifecta – $10.29
The Traditional – $10.29

First Watch Healthier Side

Avocado Toast – $9.99
Healthy Turkey- $9.99
A.M SuperFoods Bowl – $8.69
Sunrise Granola Bowl – $8.49
Steel Cut Oatmeal – $7.79
Tri Athlete – $9.29
Power Wrap – $9.49

From the Griddle

Plain Pancakes (one) – $4.99
Plain Pancakes (two) – $6.79
Banana Granola Crunch Pancakes (one) – $4.99
Banana Granola Crunch Pancakes (two) – $6.79
Carrot Cake & Pecan Pancakes (one) – $4.99
Carrot Cake & Pecan Pancakes (two) – $6.79
Chocolate Chip Pancakes (one) – $4.99
Chocolate Chip Pancakes (two) – $6.79
Blueberry Pancakes (one) – $4.99
Lemon Ricotta Pancakes – $9.89
Belgian Waffle – $ 8.59
French Toast – $9.79
Floridian French Toast – $ 9.99

Omelets and Frittatas

Bacado – $10.69
Ham & Gruyere – $10.39
Chile Chorizo – $10.29
Morning Market Veg – $10.39
Inspired Italian – $10.29
The Works – $10.99
Frittata Rustica – $10.59
Smoked Salmon & Roasted Vegetable Frittata – $10.49

Salads and Sandwiches

Superfood Kale – $9.69
Chicken Avocado Chop – $9.79
Cobb – $9.69
Sweet Honey Pecan – $9.79
Monterey Club – $9.99
Blue – $9.69
Baja Turkey Burger – $9.69
Market Veggie Market Veggie – $9.19
Roast Beef & Havarti – $9.79
Ham & Gruyere Melt – $9.29
Veggie Burger – $9.69
Chicken Salad Melt – $9.89

Juice Bar and Beverages

Prices of the items below may vary from one place to another.

  • Kale Tonic
  • Morning Meditation
  • Project Sunrise Coffee
  • Iced Coffee
  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Herbal Tea
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Low-fat Milk
  • Grapefruit Juice
  • Apple, Cranberry and Tomato Juice
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Coca Cola Soft Drinks

First Watch Breakfast Hours on Holidays 2022

Are you in awe of the breakfast line-up at First Watch? Because we are! But the million-dollar question is- What are the First watch Breakfast Hours on Holidays? Take it easy, we are right by your side even on holidays. Be it New Year’s eve or Independence day, First Watch operating hours are always from 7 AM to 2:30 PM and the doors are ever open and inviting. Just catch a glimpse of the table below.

Thanksgiving Day – Could you contact & confirm?
Black Friday – Open
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – Could you contact & confirm?
New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day – Open
Memorial day – Open
Independence Day – Open
Good Friday – Open
Easter – Open
Columbus Day – Open
Veterans’ Day – Open


We hope that you now have the First Watch Breakfast Hours, Menu and Prices by heart. Even if you don’t, we will always be here and you can have a look on the go. From burritos to beverages and Avocado Toast to Apple Juice, First Watch breakfast is like a palette of organic colors. The made-to-order breakfast meals which are prepared using fresh and flavorsome ingredients are always a delight. We welcome your feedback and suggestions in the comment section. So, don’t hesitate to comment and connect. Got any questions? Check out the frequently asked ones below.


Does First Watch serve breakfast all day ?

Not all day but First Watch does serve breakfast everyday. From morning 7 AM to afternoon 2:30 PM, First Watch lets you enjoy breakfast, brunch and lunch. Classic Favorites, Omelets and Frittatas, Healthier Side and the list seems never-ending. Go and grab them before 2:30 PM.

What is on the First Watch Breakfast Menu?

Morning delicacies is what First Watch specializes in. No wonder, many ask what is not on the First Watch breakfast menu. There is a spectrum of dishes across a variety of categories- Classic Favorites, Healthier Side, Omelets and Frittatas, Salads and Sandwiches and we are already out of breath.

Where are First Watch locations near me?

First Watch cafes are nestled in the state of California. Here is a link that can help you hunt for the First Watch outlets in your neighborhood- .Check the location and thank us after you are full.

Does First Watch have alcohol?

There are a range of cocktails available in the First Watch Petersburg’s outlets. Mimosas, Bloody Mary, Truly hard Seltzer, Kombucha and other variations of First Watch Breakfast Menu Juices are all naturally and freshly prepared to tune your day drinking.

What is First Watch- Villanova Menu?

The First Watch Villanova menu has categories like Classic Favorites, Healthier Side, Omelets and Frittatas, Salads and Sandwiches, Power Bowls and Seasonal Favorites. Just don’t get us started at the mouth-watering items in each of them. You can have a look at the items in the First Watch Breakfast Menu and Prices 2022 section.

What are some popular foods to order on First watch?

Some popular foods to order on First Watch are french toast, Chickichanga, Bacado, The Elevated Egg sandwich, Belgian Waffle etc. These suggestions are based on the maximum number of reviews.

Who is First Watch owned by?

First Watch is owned by the one and only Advent International. Bingo! You got it right. It is one of the largest private equity firms in the world.

What brand of coffee is served at First Watch?

First Watch keeps Project Sunrise Coffee bags ready for purchase. The coffee is well roasted and finds its way to the kitchen as well as up in the front for purchase.
First Watch Breakfast Hours & Menu Prices (2022)