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Einstein Bros. Bagels Breakfast Hours- Does Einstein Bagels serves breakfast all day?

Einstein Bros. Bagels Breakfast Hours- Does Einstein Bagels serves breakfast all day?

Looking for unique flavors, combinations of signature sandwiches, and delicious butter blend bagels? Einstein Bros. Bagels is dedicated to serving its awesome breakfast menu to families of foodies!

You might be wondering about Einstein Bagels Breakfast timings, its most popular breakfast items, its catering services, and plenty of questions you’ll have in your mind. Take a deep breath, and scroll down to get all your answers here!

Einstein Bagels is one of the well-known fast-food restaurant chains in America which has been famous for serving its super-tasty bagels and coffee since 1995. Its headquarters is in Lakewood, Colorado, US.

Whether you’re looking for a hefty breakfast or quick and easy morning meals, Einstein Bagels should be at the top of your list. They have a variety of options on their menu to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Mostly, you’ll find that Einstein Bagels starts serving its early meal by 5 am.

Einstein Bagels Breakfast Hours

Einstein Bagels’ breakfast hours from Monday to Sunday are from 5 am to 11 am. These hours of breakfast make Einstein Bagels a perfect spot to grab an early breakfast. Although, If you’ve much time to spend there, then you’ve plenty of buffet options.

Einstein Bros. Bagels breakfast menu

Days Opening hour Closing hour
Monday 5 am 11 am
Tuesday 5 am 11 am
Wednesday 5 am 11 am
Thursday 5 am 11 am
Friday 5 am 11 am
Saturday 5 am 11 am
Sunday 5 am 11 am

These timings may vary depending on their locations. Check on, before visiting.

Einstein Bagels Breakfast Menu

Einstein Bagels provides plenty of options including freshly baked bagels, sandwiches, breakfast burritos, egg wraps, a cup of coffee, and so much more to their diners. The items you find at Einstein Bagels are budget-friendly too.

The list of mouth-watering items from the menu of Einstein Bagels are listed below:

Items Prices
Egg Sandwiches
Plain Bagel with cheddar $4.99
Sausage and cheddar $5.39
Santafe wrap $5.39
Swiss and ham $5.39
Spinach mushroom swiss $5.39
Cheddar with Bacon


Smart Choice Selections
Bagel thin Aspg Mushroom $5.39
Bagel thin ham melt $5.39
Bagel thin Turkey melt $5.39
Thintastic Chicken


Egg wraps
Turkey sausage, Jalapeno Shmear, Pepper jack cheese and salsa $5.39
Santa fe Turkey sausage $5.39
Plain bagel $1.29
Hummus bagel $2.79
Bagel with peanut butter and jelly $2.79
Powerbagel plain $1.99
Butter bagel $2.79
Bagel with honey butter $2.79
Bagel with cream cheese $2.79
Bagel with butter and honey $3.39
Bagel with cheese hummus $3.39
Bagel with peanut butter $2.79

Apart from the above-mentioned items, you’ll have an option of Coffee, Orange juice, and other energy drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Einstein Bagels serve its early meals?

Enjoy the delicious breakfast buffet at Einstein Bagels from 5 am to 11 am. In most of the locations, you’ll find that they cater to their customers till 11 am. However, for your convenience, you can check it out using the store locator on your phone.

Does Einstein Bros. Bagels offer nutritional information for its menu items?

Absolutely, Yes. You get all the essential nutritional information about the meals on its menu.

What is an all-nighter at Einstein Bagels?

It means that you’ll have an epic meal during the breakfast hours. The all-nighter is specially designed to soak up last night’s fun with yummy and cheesy slices of bacon, 2 fresh cracked eggs, Jalapeno garlic aioli, Hashbrowns gourmet bagels with American cheese.

What is an Asiago bagel?

Asiago bagel is a freshly prepared bagel with chunks of asiago cheese and toppings with asiago.

What is the most popular Bagel flavor at Einstein Bagels?

As per Grubhub’s data, the most favorite bagel flavor is sesame and cinnamon raisins, and the bagels are topped with regular cream cheese, followed by avocado.

Did Panera merge with Einstein Bagels?

The fast-casual Panera’s chain with 2100 locations has merged with Einstein Bagels and Caribou Coffee to prepare Panera’s bread and expand its business.

How many Einstein Bagels are there?

Currently, there are almost 694 outlets of Einstein Bros. Bagels in the United States. However, there are more than 1000 locations of Einstein Bagels worldwide.

Does Einstein Bros. make their own Bagels?

At the central plant, Bagel dough is formed and contracted to prepare bagels to Einstein’s specifications. After that, the frozen bagels are shipped to the individual stores, which have walk-in freezers.

Do Einstein Bagels have eggs?

Except for egg bagels, all bagels are eggless. The cinnamon sugar bagels in Chicago and style Asiago cheese bagel contains dairy.