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Eatzi’s Breakfast Hours and Menu, Buffet Time, What time does Eatzi’s stop serving breakfast?

Eatzi’s Breakfast Hours and Menu, Buffet Time, What time does Eatzi’s stop serving breakfast?

Eatzi’s is known for its gourmet takeout markets and specializes in serving a wide range of specialty bread, cakes, and home meals with wine and cheese. If you’re craving Eatzi’s famous Belgian waffles, cinnamon rolls, or the breakfast burrito, you might be wondering about its breakfast hours!

Let me tell you that Eatzi’s is one of the restaurants that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the day, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. However, to know the exact hours of operation, you should contact your nearby eaters as the timings may differ from location to location. No matter what time you get there, you are welcomed with savory items at Eatzi’s.

When does Eatzi’s start serving its breakfast?

The first Eatzi’s opened in Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, in 1996, serving a breakfast buffet.

Do all Eatzi’s locations serve breakfast?

Yes! All Eatzi’s locations serve breakfast. The menu is available throughout the day. So, you can visit your nearby eatzi’s and have a lavish buffet with your dear ones.

What time does Eatzi’s start serving breakfast?

Unlike other restaurants that have a strict time schedule for breakfast and lunch hours, Eatzi’s serves its breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu throughout the day. You can have various options, including breakfast burritos, bacon, cheese, waffles, and more.

Most of Eatzi’s restaurants start serving their customers from 7 am.

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When does Eatzi’s stop serving breakfast?

Eatzi’s doesn’t stop serving its breakfast menu. Whenever you visit there, you’ll always get the breakfast menu. You can visit Eatzi’s at any time during its operating hours.

Mostly, Eatzi’s stops serving their customers at 10 pm. If you’re looking for the best breakfast, Eatzi’s got the perfect solution for you!

Does Eatzi’s serve breakfast all day?

Yes! Eatzi’s is one of the restaurants that serves its breakfast menu all day.

Eatzi’s Breakfast Buffet Hours

Days Opening time Closing time
Monday 7 am 10 pm
Tuesday 7 am 10 pm
Wednesday 7 am 10 pm
Thursday 7 am 10 pm
Friday 7 am 10 pm
Saturday 7 am 10 pm
Sunday 7 am 10 pm


What items are on Eatzi’s breakfast menu?

Eatzi’s offers an abundant choice of breakfast items to choose from. You get a range of breakfast bowls, sausage, pancakes, breakfast burritos, hot waffles, bacon, and fresh fruit.
If you’re seeking something sweeter, there’s a wide selection of desserts for you. They also serve tea, hot coffee, and juices, which is a perfect start to your day!
Some of the savoury breakfast items from the menu of Eatzi’s are as follows:

Bacon Burrito
Belgian Waffle
Breakfast Sausage
Breakfast Burrito
Bacon Egg and Cheese Croissant Sandwich
Breakfast Bowl with Chicken
Chorizo Burrito
Create your own omelette
Cheesy eggs
Egg white Burrito
Large avocado toast
Regular avocado toast
Skillet potatoes
Smoked Bacon
Scrambled Eggs
Three Chile Cheese Breakfast sandwich


Daily special meals at Eatzi’s

Monday Special Grilled pork chop meal, Dean and piller Ny strip meal, Crab stuffed salmon meal
Tuesday Special Six hours braised brisket meal
Wednesday Special Chicken fried ribeye meal, Parmesan crusted trout meal
Thursday Special Cajun pork loin meal, Ginormous hamburger meal, Salmon burger meal, Beyond burger meal
Friday Special Fried catfish with hushpuppies meal, Fried shrimp with hushpuppies meal, 44 farms tri-tip meal
Saturday Special Brisket tacos meal
Sunday Special Turkey meatloaf meal, Fried chicken meal


How many locations of Eatzi’s are there?

Eatzi’s has its outlets in the following towns:

Oak Lawn, 3403 Oak Lawn Ave.

Lovers Lane, 5600 W. Lovers Lane

Plano, 5967 W. Parker road

Preston Royal, 6025 Royal Ln.

Grapevine, 1200 W. State highway 114

Forth Worth, 1540 S. University Dr.

Who owns Eatzi’s?

Philip J. Romano is the owner of Eatzi’s market and restaurant.

He is a successful entrepreneur, artist, and nationally renowned restaurateur.

Does Eatzi’s market and bakery offer delivery services?

Yes! Eatzi’s provides contact-free delivery services to its customers through Grubhub.

Select your location and pick up your delivery from Eatzi’s Market and Bakery.

Do Eatzi’s offer food that caters to special dietary needs? (like vegetarian, gluten- free and more)

Yes! Eatzi’s does offer special dietary needs and vegetarian-friendly items like 5-bean salad, fruit cups, pineapple grape cups, grilled vegetable medley, and more.

Many of the items you get there are gluten-free and vegan-friendly, but it should be noted that these items are stored along with the items containing gluten and other foods derived from animals.

Is Eatzi’s involved in the food shipping business?

No! They are not licensed to ship their cuisines. Eatzi’s uses fresh and quality ingredients while preparing its food, so many of its offerings are not conducive to shipping.


I hope that via this post you get all the details regarding Eatzi’s breakfast hours, menu, and more. Eatzi’s is a perfect hub where you can enjoy your breakfast menu in the afternoon and at night. That’s one of the reasons Eatzi’s gaining popularity.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite, a fancy breakfast buffet or a leisurely brunch with your loved ones, Eatzi’s covered it all. You’re welcome at any time of the day to grab its delicious menu.

Stay tuned with us to get more info about other restaurants and their operational hours right with us.

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