Bojangles Breakfast Hours

Sometimes, we don’t have enough time or energy to make breakfast. We’ve all been there! Cajun chicken fillets, Bo tatos are a great choice, but sometimes you need something quick and easy, fast food breakfasts like Bojangle’s Breakfast are one of the good choices you make.

To enjoy the delicious items at Bojangles, you need to know what hours it is available, and that’s why we’re here to help you.

About Bojangles

Bojangles is a fast-food restaurant chain in America and has been serving its customers since 1977. It has been operating in more than 750 locations. Unlike other Restaurant chains, Bojangles serves its Breakfast menu available all day. Moreover, some locations offer the entire menu items at any time of the day. Bojangles have been famous for serving items like Pimento cheese biscuit sandwich, Bo tatos, cajun chicken fillets biscuit sandwich, etc.

Bojangles Breakfast hours

The opening & closing hours of Bojangles may vary as per the locations and day, but most of its
the restaurant serves breakfast all day long.

Days Opening Hour Closing Hour
Monday 5 AM 10 AM
Tuesday 5 AM 10 AM
Wednesday 5 AM 10 AM
Thursday 5 AM 10 AM
Friday 5 AM 10 AM
Saturday 5 AM 10 AM
Sunday 5 AM 10 AM

Bojangles Breakfast Menu

Well! The official site of Bojangles Breakfast did not provide any specific menu.

But it is well known for serving some of its items like varieties in hand-rolled biscuits, sandwiches, etc. Since the Bojangles breakfast menu is available throughout the day, the breakfast offered by them, like that of chicken items, is baked every 20 minutes. So, they are always hot & fresh.

Some of the items on the list are not a part of a breakfast menu, but you have the option of choosing them as a breakfast. The delicious breakfast items with prices are listed below:

Items Price
Cajun fillet Biscuit $3.97
2 Sausage Biscuits $3.11
Bacon, egg and cheese biscuits $3.48
Steak biscuit $2.99
Country, Ham & egg biscuit $2.64
Bo tato rounds $2.69
Grilled Chicken $4.19
Pulled pork BBQ sandwich $2.99
Cajun pintos $1.49
Cole slaw $1.49


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bojangles breakfast hours

Bojangles Holiday Hours

Most of the Bojangles are open on these holidays, or some may open with fewer working hours.
Easter Monday
Cinco de Mayo
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence day
Columbus Day
Labor day
Thanksgiving day
Labor day
Veterans day
Black Friday
Christmas Eve
Boxing day
New year’s eve
Valentine’s day
President’s day
St. Patricks day
Good Friday
Bojangle’s closing days
Christmas Day
Easter Sunday

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What does Bojangles serve for Breakfast?

Some of the delicious items served by the Bojangles include Bo to round biscuits, sausage biscuits, country ham, cajun pintos, etc.

Does Bojangles serve breakfast all day?

Yes, you’ll be glad to know that the breakfast items at Bojangles are served all day.

At Bojangles, what does Bo time mean?

According to Newman, Bo time means ‘a campaign which signals its distinctive flavor profile.

Is Bojangles only in NC?

Currently, Bojangles are spread over 14 U. S states and in the Districts of Columbia.

Does Bojangles serve chicken in the morning?

Yes, items like fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, and chicken supremes are served in the

Does Bojangles have a ‘secret menu’ that it serves to its customers?

Yes, Bojangles has a secret menu for its guests, namely Uva secret menu.

I hope this article will surely help you to get all the required details about Bojangles. Thanks, for following the post till the end. For further queries, you may spot a comment below.