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Aloft Breakfast Hours – Cost, Refuel Pots, Time, Menu, Buffet

Aloft Breakfast Hours – Cost, Refuel Pots, Time, Menu, Buffet

We know that you work hard and appreciate the good values. Healthy food is something that helps you to improve your physical as well as mental health. It gives you a better mood and boosts your energy level. Nowadays, outdoor dining has become very popular as it saves time as well as makes people feel happier. Give your tummy a healthy and tasty breakfast with Aloft, one of the most popular restaurants known for serving its multi-cuisine menu.

Aloft is a well knows Hotel chain located in the United States, North America, and is owned by Marriott International. Many people are crazy about having breakfast at Aloft as it is not only for the taste but for the health as well.

Keeping that in our mind, here we bring the complete Aloft breakfast hours, menu information as well as how much it will cost if we go for a breakfast buffet at Aloft. Keep scrolling and get all the details right here with us!

Aloft hotel & Restaurants are the perfect places to get a delicious and fresh breakfast for a perfectly satisfying taste to refresh your morning and give an amazing start to your day. Aloft restaurant introduces its spin on Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. The brands fortify Re: fuel format which states that ‘the promise to change the fundamental ways the guest experience to the most important meal of the day at Aloft multicuisine Restaurant.

They designed 13 new portable breakfast pots to offer their customers a fresh and yummy breakfast to enjoy.

Aloft Breakfast Hours

Aloft start serving its Breakfast from 6 am onwards to 11 am from Monday to Friday. However, on Saturday and Sunday, there is a slight change in its timing; they start their service 1 hour later, that is, from 7 am onwards. Operating hours may differ as per location, but most Aloft chains follow this schedule.

So, if you are going for the breakfast here then you can check Aloft breakfast timing according to your location. But mostly they follow the below schedule –

Monday 6 am – 11 am
Tuesday 6 am – 11 am
Wednesday 6 am – 11 am
Thursday 6 am – 11 am
Friday 6 am – 11 am
Saturday 7 am – 11 am
Sunday 7 am – 11 am

So, if you’re looking for a delicious breakfast, Aloft is the best place you must visit!

aloft breakfast

Refuel Breakfast Pots

The amazing 13 new varieties of the Re: fuel Breakfast pots allow customers to choose their favorite menu to satisfy their tastes. The menu also includes sweet, savory, and various options for their guests, which are as follows:

The Original Poached eggs, seasoned fries, bacon, scallion
The Ranchero Avocado, tortilla chips, lime sour cream, black bean salsa, cilantro
The classic Southern Shredded yellow cheddar, cheddar grits, pepper, and scallion
The Protein Mushroom, basil, kale, turkey sausage, lemon vinaigrette
The Hearty Poached egg, pepper, scallion, pork, and bean base
The lean Green Kale, Brussel sprouts, basil, lemon vinaigrette, salt and pepper
The Southern Chicken pieces, sriracha honey, honey, and scallion
The Paleo Scallion, poached egg, and sweet potato hash
The Goodness Grains, avocado, poached egg, goat cheese, basil, honey lemon vinaigrette, and salt
The Berry Yogurt, fresh berries, overnight oat base, granola, and mint leaves
The Classic Corned beef hash, scallion, and poached egg
The Sweet Pancakes, berries, granola, lemon ricotta, maple syrup
The Brunch Berries, French toast sticks, icing powdered sugar

Each pot is labeled with its own unique stickers in which the time has been mentioned when the pot was created. The guests will place orders through the kiosks as per their choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Time does Aloft start serving breakfast?

Well, Aloft start serving breakfast at 6 AM in the morning on weekdays – Monday to Friday. During weekends ie. Saturday and Sunday they start serving breakfast at 7 AM.

What Time does Aloft stop serving breakfast?

Aloft stop serving breakfast at 11 AM the morning. The breakfast hours are the same during weekends as well.

Does Aloft serve breakfast all day?

The breakfast hours are fixed at Aloft so it does not serve the breakfast the entire day. If you are looking for the specific timing then here it is –
Monday to Friday – 6 AM to 11 AM
Saturday & Sunday – 7 AM to 11 AM

What are the breakfast hours at aloft during weekends?

The breakfast timing during weekends – Saturday and Sunday are – 7 AM to 11 AM

What is the Aloft Complimentary Breakfast?

There is no complimentary breakfast at Aloft but now they have started a new breakfast menu that attracts their customers and people love to have a healthy first meal at Aloft.

What’s the Aloft Buffet Price?

Location-wise, the aloft buffet price differs. You can check their price on the official Aloft website.

What is the Aloft refuel breakfast menu?

The refuel breakfast is very popular among Aloft’s customers. There are a total of 13 refuel breakfast pots available at Aloft. They are categorized as –

The Original, The Ranchero, The classic Southern, The Protein, The Hearty, The lean Green, The Southern, The Paleo, The Goodness, The Berry, The Classic, The Sweet, The Brunch.

The main thing is their unique stickers on the pot. Each pot has its unique sticker according to its items.

What includes in Aloft breakfast?

Aloft serves its customers a great and healthy breakfast in the morning. People love to have healthy food here. Aloft generally has 13 refuel breakfast pots which are full of healthy food and this makes it unique among others.

Does Aloft have free breakfast?

If you have a high level of Bonvoy status, then you’ve got the option of a free breakfast. However, the continental breakfast provided by Aloft Hotels starts at $6.00, so you can go for it.

Does Aloft Hotels provide Wi-Fi services to their visitors?

While using Aloft services, the visitor can log in using the password and continue to use their connected devices. You just need to download the services Hotel cast app on your iOS and Android to connect to the Hotel’s Wi-Fi and enjoy the streaming on your Netflix.


So, if you’re looking for the best place to dine with your friends and family, I would recommend that you must visit Aloft. They have an excellent breakfast menu to offer at a reasonable price. I hope this article answered all your questions regarding Aloft. For further queries, you may drop a comment.

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